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Written about Saturday 2005-10-01
Written: (6829 days ago)

here are some of my poems! :D

She grabs a kife

She takes out her arm

She plungs the dagger through her arm

Then the other arm

Then her legs

And finally her chest

The blood pours out

She waits for the last time

She was the happiest girl alive

But no memories come back

Her last breath slowly comes

She says her last words..

"I love this world.."

She lays there dead

Tears would spill out if she was alive

But now she doesn't

She see's the darkness then..

The light...

She opens her eyes

She see's that she's in a bright

White room.

She tries to get up but the pain

Is to much

She lays back down..

Her family around her...

Her friends around her...

She missed them all..

But all she wanted to do..

Was to be in Rhy's arms..

And let him see her die...

A gresum death


Bodies shake,

Fear takes control

Blood drips down

Darkness as over come light

Dark is light

Night is day

Her suicide killed all

Everyone misses her

Yet she was forgotten

They said they wouldn't forget her

Yet she was forgotten

She misses them all

She yearns for their touch

She misses his touch

She misses his voice

She misses his kisses

But now she's gone

And he has felt nothing

His heart broke

As he watched her die

He tried to stop her

But did not succeed

He misses her much

But he heard her last words.

"Live life to your fullest"

He did just that

He visits her gave


But still does not

Forget those words.

Even though she's dead

She still lives in out hearts.


She looks out the window

Praying for a gentle wind

To bring all this to an end

She closes her eyes

As the tears roll slowly down her cheeks

She prays for day

Instead of night

But nothing seems to be working

All alone she cannot hide

From her worst fears

She opens her eyes

And looks around

Hoping no one see's her

She puts the gun to her head

Pulls the trigger

And BANG there she goes

She lays on the ground

A small stream of blood

Flowing down from her head

She's dead...

She's gone...

She's forgotten...


He told her

He loved her

She told him the same

She went home that night

Wondering if what he said was true

The next day She went to school

She saw him with another girl

She loved this boy dearly

And would do anything for him

Including die for him

He looked over and saw her

A smirk on his face

Tears rolled her pale cheeks

She ran home

She wanted to end it all

She loved him so much

She couldn't believe this

She couldn't handle this

She gave him a chance of love

He broke that chance

She felt nothing

She saw nothing

She died with nothing

The next day...

He wondered where she was...

He called her house...

Her mom answered...

When he heard she...

She died for him...

All the mother oculd say was...

She loved you and you broke her heart...

She always wanted you...

But when she had you...

You had someone else...

The boy dropped the phone

Tears rolled down his cheeks

He couldn't believe this..

And he wouldn't...

He ran to this girls house..

Went up to her room...

He saw her dead on the ground..

With a gun in her hand...

He too took the gun...

And killed himself to be with her...

Now all I have to say is that.. If you love someone don't let them go because you never know what will happen... They loved each other... But he fell in love with another.. He had deep feelings for this girl but was confused... When he found out she had died... He realized he loved this girl with all his heart....

Now what does that mean to you?


Heart and soul

Bound together

Light and dark

Night and day

Loved and not loved

Those are all bound together

When one is broken

Some lose themselves

If two are broken

Then more lose themselves

Thoughts are taken

Dreams are broken

No one's there to help

But if we help ourselves

We can help others.

We all have values

But some of them break.

So we need to make more

Set guidelines for yourself

And you'll find out

There's more you can do.


Her heart has died

Her dreams are gone

She wants to escape

But knows she can't

Her father's words hurt her

He doesn't know

Her pain is growing thicker

Her sorrows are undone

Her tears always fall

She wishes

She prays

She hopes

She has fatih

That someone she'll escape

But knows she can't

She's ran away once


Her plan back-fired

She went back home

Her friends she lives for

Her family she does not.

Her family is nothing

She is invisible to them

Is she invisble to you??


Her world is dying

Her thoughts are broken

She wants to go home

But she knows she cannot

She was disowned

She was abandoned

She feels so lonely

Can you help her?

She wants advice

She needs your help

But she knows you won't help

Many people have tried

Yet have failed...

Can She ever be free??

Free from everything??

Free from being lonely...

Now she's gone...




Now she's dead

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