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Written about Monday 2011-07-11
Written: (3317 days ago)

I'm so tired of all of the drama. All Centeric around me or the things/people I love. Around the only steady thing left in my almost horrible home life. I'm so sick of it. I wish I could take her with me. I wish I could take them all with me, so I know that my cats are treated right and taken care of. So I know my dog will be around as long as possible and isn't yelled at or beaten because of barking or something that is pretty much the girls' fault. I'm so worried, that Chris will get so drunk and mess up my dog. That I come home and find out Chris raged and that my dog is injured or dead. The logic part of my brain tells me that it won't happen, but he gets so fucked up on his days off.

And I can't take her anywhere. I can't even go anywhere. My dads is out of the question; His wife still fucking hates me. Causes drama just because she can. and I don't have any friends here I can rely on. No one I can ask, "Can I hang/stay with you?" I've never had to, but now I wish I had the option.

..It's not that bad. But sometimes I just want out of the house, away from everything. Is it so bad to ask for a nice, drama free day with no fights, no arguing, just a simple day of relaxing or fun? Of course it is. If it isn't at work, it's at home. and if it isn't at home, it's at work. I don't want to say "Poor me, poor me!". I'm not like that. I whine and complain, but I can't do anything else. There isn't anything I can do.

I'm sorry for bitching. I'm sorry for complaining. I don't feel I have anyone else (I didn't want to bug Amber. I bitch to her enough). I just..needed to vent.

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Written about Sunday 2011-01-16
Written: (3493 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2011-01-10
Written: (3499 days ago)

Tucker: You guys follow him, I'll cut him off!
Caboose: We can't lose Church!
Tucker: We won't!
Caboose: You always say that, but we always do!

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Written about Sunday 2011-01-09
Written: (3500 days ago)

Church: How much tim do you need?
Washington: Whatever you can get me. When the EMP goes off--
Church: When it goes off, I'll be fine. It only effects computers, remember? and I, am a motherfucking ghost.

<3 I love Red VS Blue.

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Written about Sunday 2010-12-19
Written: (3521 days ago)

Cloud: Daddy says you're the bitch, and you're the butch
Zack: I'm the bitch?!
Seph: *walks by* Well, if we were gay, that's the way I'd see it.
Zack: Will you shut up!

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Written about Tuesday 2010-12-07
Written: (3533 days ago)


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Written about Friday 2010-11-19
Written: (3551 days ago)

It's good to know that if I want to sneak out, I can just walk out the door, with the dog, and noone'll know I'm gone.

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Written about Sunday 2010-08-29
Written: (3633 days ago)

I'd been excited. I'd been looking forward to fixing that PS3 with dad. I bought a book for it. I researched enough to know how to open the damn thing, and what was wrong with it. I could wait a day. It actually made me feel better when the dog forced me up.. Knowing that I'd actually spend (at least) a good deal of one on one time with him that I realize I've been craving... But... Well... Of course it didn't happen. I didn't see him all day. And, just like that, I simply...lost interest. I had no way to find the tool I needed to actually open the damn thing up (a regular Screw driver wouldn't work..) So I just... gave up. I just felt that I should just call the thing a lost and send it to sony...

But... whatever, I guess...

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Written about Friday 2010-08-06
Written: (3656 days ago)

I love Pixar. I really do. Any movie or short they make is just... awesome. Really. And that's because Pixar is a group of people who absolutely love what they do, and always take thier problems head on. Toy Story was their first movie, and they beautifully ended that story... Usually, sequals to movies aren't as good as the first, but, with pixar. Well, sequals aren't really sequals. It's always the next installment into the story, we'll say.

I really hope to one day have the success that the people who work at Pixar have. Not for the money, but... THey love doing what they do. They adapt to problems. when they were doing toy story 2, they threw it out because something didn't set right with them (even though Disney said it was fine). They were so commited to something that they worked tiredously to finish before the deadline, 9 months from then.

"However, many of the creative staff at Pixar were not happy with how the sequel was turning out. John Lasseter, upon returning from European promotion of A Bug's Life, watched the development reels and agreed that it wasn't working. Pixar met with Disney, telling them that the film would have to be redone. Disney, however, disagreed, and noted that Pixar didn't have enough time to remake the film before its established release date. Pixar decided that they simply could not allow the film to be released in its existing state, and asked Lasseter to take over the production. Lasseter agreed, and recruited the creative team behind the first film to redevelop the story. Over the course of a weekend, the script was completely rewritten. To meet Disney's deadline, Pixar had to complete the entire film in nine months. Some animators got repetitive strain injuries rushing to complete the film, which taught the Pixar managers to arrange breaks between each project from then on."

I dunno... maybe I'm rambling... But that's why I love Pixar..

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Written about Monday 2010-08-02
Written: (3659 days ago)

OMG I saw the CUTEST PIT today! :D He is soooo tiny, and he's got such a big head. He's soooo adorable, even though he's sorta skin and bones. The guy who owns him said he was repoed by his breeder after... I think 8 months. But he is the CUTEST THING EVER omg. lol Ima borrow a camera and get a pic up sometime tonight, when I see him next. But OMG you'd fall in love with him too! :D!!!

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