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Written about Monday 2005-07-11
Written: (5758 days ago)

Self Pity Whore

oh what the heart would do just for refuse
from the jaded and violent world
where demands are made so sick so twisted
that even purity is curled

with eyes of fear she gazes upwards
hoping for some soft savior
but all that comes is the harshest whip
brought down for her bad behavior

her lover holds an encrusted knife
so craving for her blood
he'll make her crawl the deepest trench
and rape her in the mud

but still she mews for his pleasure
soaking in his satisfaction
this primal whore of long years past
deserves no helpful action 

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Written about Friday 2005-07-08
Written: (5761 days ago)

theres a someone waiting
in the shadows of an empty hall
her heart thuds slowly, just barely alive
she made a mistake again
someone come and save me please
you know who you are, someone
im missing you already, and its been but minutes
im worried, and sick, and sick again
please let there be good reason for this
why? friendship should have been enough
wasnt it you that i warned?
keep your reaches for love far away
and ill keep my ashes in this jar

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Written about Friday 2005-07-08
Written: (5761 days ago)

Romance of the Savage Beast

im so tired of holding you...this close
i just want to let you go, you know
can you hear it in my voice
my desperation calls for you
can you hear it in my voice
the deed that i want to do
can not do....no no

she speaks a lonely cry
moving through the black white
each time you hear her sigh
notice how she calms the night

somewhere in the darkest room
hes there killing her
a puppetmaster for her doom
she knows hes hiding over there...

he keeps her in a cage
locked up for his disposal
dressed up my dolly rage
all set for his proposal

chained up to their bed
the prisoner of his love nest
shes in over her head
and her bodys crying out for some rest

when will this torture end
i need to get over this now
thats too far for my heart to bend
i hope i'll be able to break free somehow

and now as i stare at you....once more
i feel my heart begin to break away, again
but theres nothing for you but my soul
empty and i know you want it still
but theres nothing for you but my soul
the rest of me you had to go and kill
you never really got your fill...no no

so now this fairy tale should end
and though she knew shed suffer for sure
she went back to him again
his pleasure was just too god damn pure 

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