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Written about Saturday 2005-11-26
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well i had a nice thanksgiving but i still can't wait till school starts, i hate to say it but the only real holiday i like that we get off is christmas because we get to go see my other family. Don't you just hate that you got some family members that live around you that you are tired of seeing an want to see your other family members that live long distances away. The most of all i would like to see my step-dad he lives in florida, my mother an step-dad(Tim) just got a divorce just like i think it has been 2 yrs but if you are not willing to let go you still think their is a chance that he will open the door an they will get back together with no questions, fights, cursing, cheating or, drugs involved. My mother is the best mother in the whole world but her working has made it hell on me when i get home from a long day of school she starts cussing at me and makes me feel bad but it is only the sleep that is causing the anger towards me. Some times i wish i could play a song for every feeling i feel an disapper into a world were everything i want to happen will. I think about all the time if i were to kill myself no one would care, no heart would be broken, an no tears would fall. After all that migth what would be best for us all i mean i am not all that great at many things my only passion is Racing my Dirtbike and stuff any thing guy like i do basicly. That is what i mean though me an my mother are not compatable i am interested in goin fishing,racing,quality time with us,an all of those things me an my dad used to do together now i am just a stay at home everyday(dirtbike getting fixed heck yes man) girl an i hate stayin inside. Well that is all of my heart in my diary i got today!

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