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Written about Monday 2005-12-05
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*starts to sing and dance* "do do do.." *sees oogo the 12 foot foreign guy who like mouths and others* *yelps and runs to turn the music off*

i know you know what im talkin about lol

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Written about Tuesday 2005-10-11
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wierd things have been happening to me recently my mom just did this crystal tarot card reading thingy on me and its really freaked me out !it told me to make a list of the people that had hurt me most...so i did...and then to forgive them ,once i had heard this i immediatly rubbed the peoples names out and chucked my paper in the bin ...i thort i was able to forgive but it turns out im not...its not as easy as it sounds... i cant cope with forgiving the people who have made this undieing pain...these people i trusted and thort i could trust...now i trust no-one...another wierd (to me ) point im going to raise is people...they think they know everything about you even if theyve never spoken to you...they judge you on your appearence and your looks...whats the point...they tell you how to feel and what youve said and done even if they are not theyre to witness it...every person has a different story to tell, a different life and different feelings you will never be able to feel other peoples pain as they feel it no matter how minor you think it might be...take my advice and dont tell people how to feel if they say there life is shit dont say that its not because you dont know why they think this and how there feeling...lifes not easy...belive me... i choose not to share my problems with any one except the two people i know i can trust (and lamely enough one of them is me)some things most things i keep to myself lost in my own thoughts i store in them in a dark sphere in my mind at the back among the dreams and memorys and hope they never come to the front of my mind witch they always do , (i guess the chains i use are to weak.)


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Written about Sunday 2005-10-02
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wow i have a diary

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