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Written about Thursday 2007-10-04
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a new start to my diary... thought i would start again... well lets try and bring everyone up to speed shall we?

you all should know me and have seen my page and talk to me so i don't need to go through all that...

basically... i'm me and yes i'm emo and yes i write poetry.. and i am starting my new book but i need an idea so please vote on my poll to let me know what i should do... my first book should be out soon.. "A Lonely Child".. poems in there can be found on http://www.tmainpoetry.com but this is due to be updated!

i am also being published in "Immortal Verses" so please take a look! that poem is for my dad which is in there.. i shall put it up if you like? let me know...

i have purple hair now and love it.. i will get a new pic of me up soon when i can get a good one done although thats hard to manage... beauty isn't my strong point let alone fashion... although i have been asked to be a model and i'm quite tempted to do that.. money!!!

not quite sure what to put in here to be fair... i will try and think about it and put something cool in... although i have a joke to finish with.......

What is the difference between Micheal Jackson and Santa?
Nothing, they both leave childrens bedrooms with empty sacks....


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