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Written about Saturday 2011-11-26
Written: (4567 days ago)


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Written about Monday 2011-11-14
Written: (4579 days ago)
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Skyrim... 35 hours straight... FML *Elder Scrolls Overload*

*twitch twitch*

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Written about Thursday 2011-11-10
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Written about Saturday 2011-11-05
Written: (4588 days ago)

Woot! Score 1 for Ireland. Send the Vatican packing!


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Written about Friday 2011-11-04
Written: (4589 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2011-11-03
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Wonder what ever happened to [Firenze]. I kinda miss that nutty little englishwoman.

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Written about Thursday 2011-09-08
Written: (4646 days ago)
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9 people online here...

And 5 of then hold a priv49 or higher....


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Written about Thursday 2011-09-01
Written: (4652 days ago)

I hate doing bank runs....

In bum-fuct-idaho spraying weeds at an ameriwest bank...

Thank gods for overtime....

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Written about Thursday 2011-09-01
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Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: Low
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html

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Written about Thursday 2011-09-01
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Do you have any idea how fucking tedious and annoying writing source code is on a cellphone!?!

*insert 10 minutes of swearing*



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Written about Sunday 2011-08-21
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Well its been awhile... let's see... well I have a lovely wife and a terror of a son, lol. One full time job and 3 other part time jobs, 2 bands (heading ove to Portland, OR tommorow to record debut album *stoked*) and a household to upkeep. Haven't even turned my xbox on in 14 months... oui...

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Written about Sunday 2009-08-30
Written: (5385 days ago)

STRESS(stres) - noun: The confusion created when the mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.

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Written about Monday 2009-07-06
Written: (5440 days ago)
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So... its been a while.

Well, news flash. I'm a sleep deprived parent, whoo hoo!!!

I've also had my hands full with creating and leading our new paintball team.


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Written about Friday 2008-09-26
Written: (5723 days ago)


This is the state we live in now... god bless the fucking USA...

I'm so moving...
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Written about Saturday 2008-09-20
Written: (5729 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2008-06-25
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Written about Thursday 2008-02-07
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* Rule 1: Do not talk about /b/.
  * Rule 2: If it's funny, it came from 4chan or Something Awful.
  * Rule 3: If you are an idiot, you will be made fun of.
  * Rule 4: Nobody cares if you're tough in real life.
  * Rule 5: Anonymous does not forgive.
  * Rule 8: It happened At least 100 years ago.
  * Rule 9: Brazilian girls will do it for 500 dollars.
  * Rule 10: It needs more DESU.
  * Rule 11: You will get viruses from downloading pornography.
  * Rule 12: Lurk moar.
  * Rule 13: It never needed any more cowbell.
  * Rule 14: As long as there is internet there will be drama.
  * Rule 15: If a camwhore posts, tits must be shown. If this rule is broken, said camwhore must GTFO.
  * Rule 16: You must enjoy your AIDS.
  * Rule 17: Pool's closed due to AIDS.
  * Rule 18: If someone is better than you, they are hacking.
  * Rule 19: Lens Flare makes masterpieces.
  * Rule 20: You're doing it wrong.
  * Rule 21: If your girlfriend ends in .jpg, she is not real.
  * Rule 22: Long stories are copypasta.
  * Rule 23: Long stories are never read, at any rate.
  * Rule 24: Pics or it never happened.
  * Rule 25: Everyone sees what you did there.
  * Rule 26: Nobody knows the answer to "What is love?".
  * Rule 27: Loli haets pizza. No exceptions.
  * Rule 28: It's awwriiigghht.
  * Rule 29: Do a barrel roll.
  * Rule 30: Everyone is gay for Bridget.
  * Rule 31: The internet is for porn.
  * Rule 32: Everything is a fetish. No exceptions.
  * Rule 33: It's a trap.
  * Rule 34: If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions.
  * Rule 35 The exception to Rule 34 is the citation of Rule 34.
  * Rule 36: Bringing up Nazis is insta fail.
  * Rule 37: There are no girls on the internet....ever .
  * Rule 38: A cat is fine too.
  * Rule 39: One cat leads to another.
  * Rule 40: Ceiling cat is watching you fap.
  * Rule 41: Saturday is Caturday.
  * Rule 42: It is delicious cake. You must eat it.
  * Rule 43: Someone would fap to it.
  * Rule 44: If it exists, you can buy it online somewhere.
  * Rule 45: Snape killed Dumbledore.
  * Rule 46: All lasers must be charged before shooping da whoop.
  * Rule 47: Nagas stole your bike.
  * Rule 48: It will always need moar sauce.
  * Rule 49: The internet makes you stupid.
  * Rule 50: Anything can be a meme.

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Written about Monday 2008-02-04
Written: (5957 days ago)


Belichick, what happened to you? The stunt you pulled at the end of Sunday's game, after Brady's fourth-down pass fell incomplete with one second remaining, was comically unnecessary and regrettable. Venturing all the way across the field to shake Coughlin's hand (and essentially ruining his rival's moment), then essentially saying "peace out" and leaving before the Giants' final kneel-down is something I might expect to see from an immature player – come to think of it, Randy Moss did the same thing as a member of the Minnesota Vikings in a loss to the Redskins at the end of the '04 regular season, and he was understandably skewered as a result. So were the nine Pistons who left the court in the final minutes of a four-game Eastern Conference Finals sweep to the Chicago Bulls in 1991. Give Belichick credit for one thing: Consistency. He is both a bad winner and a lousy loser. From the celebrated blowoffs of Eric Mangini (in '06) and Tony Dungy (in '07) to the running-up-the-score episodes from earlier this season, the guy shows as much disrespect for his opponents in victory as he did in Sunday's rare defeat. Maybe he'd handle a tie better? I don't know, but I hope Belichick takes some time to reflect on how far over the edge of reasonable behavior he has gone over the past couple of seasons, and how needless it all is. We're talking about one of the greatest coaches of all time, and a guy who I know has great respect for the game of football. He should start acting like it again.
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Written about Sunday 2007-06-03
Written: (6203 days ago)

I have my new EP Holiday in the Sahara uploaded here for your listening pleasure. I invite you to listen to, comment, and critique these songs.


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Written about Friday 2007-06-01
Written: (6206 days ago)

...and here's the 11th Commandment...

Thou shall keep thy Religion to thy self.

Fanatical Evangelism should be a crime...
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Written about Saturday 2007-05-26
Written: (6212 days ago)
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There are times... I just wanna choke the life out of you fucking asinine evangelists...

You see, I have a lot of friends that are good Christians...
But there are a lot of you that make me reassess the Wiccan rede of 'Harm none'.

I'm about to go door to door and bitch slap some reality into you people with a shovel.


Phelps Clan Pickets Falwell Funeral

  Posted: May 22, 2007 - 3:00 pm ET

  (Lynchburg, Virginia) About a half dozen members of a Kansas church that denounces homosexuality protested Tuesday afternoon at the funeral of evangelist Jerry Falwell.

  The members of Westobo Baptist Church carried placards accusing Falwell of being in league with gays and of cozying up to Israel.

  The church, which operates the GodHatesFags Web site, had warned Lynchburg police in advance they were coming.

  On its site Westboro, run by Rev. Fred Phelps, called Falwell, a "corpulent false prophet" and said he"spent his entire life prophesying lies and false doctrines like 'God loves everyone.'"

  In attacking Falwell the church says he "warmly praised Christ-rejecting Jews, pedophile-condoning Catholics, money-grubbing compromisers, practicing fags like Mel White (of Souflorce), and backsliders like Billy Graham and Robert Schuler, etc."

  Police set aside a small area across from Thomas Road Baptist Church, Falwell's church where the funeral was being conducted, for the protestors.

  A spokesperson for the Lynchburg Police Department told 365Gay.com that members of the group "Christian Bikers" parked in front of the area blocking the Phelps clan from the view of mourners.

  The Westboro group left after about 45 minutes, and well before the funeral began.

  Phelps and the church first came to national attention when he organized a protest by his followers outside the 1998 funeral for Matthew Shepherd, the gay college student who was beaten to death in Wyoming. The killing, Phelps' protest, and the reaction of townsfolk led to the play "The Laramie Project."

  Church members routinely demonstrate at the funerals of AIDS victims and most recently at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq.

  Falwell, who died last week at the age of 73, was no friend to the gay community.

  Following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 Falwell declared that gays and pro choice advocates were to blame.

  Speaking on the 700 Club religious program Falwell said, "The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen'."

  In 2003 Falwell announced that he was putting aside everything to devote his time to passage of a federal constitutional ban on gay marriage.

  "I am dedicating my talents, time and energies over the next few years to the passage of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which will protect the traditional family from its enemies who wish to legalize same-sex marriage and other diverse "family" forms," Falwell said.

  In the 2004 election campaign he worked with Republicans to use same-sex marriage as a wedge issue.

  A week after the November election he announced he was organizing battle plans for what he called an "evangelical revolution." Falwell said that the election showed that Americans want to return to "traditional values".

  He promised to roll back gay rights laws in communities across the country.

  He also denounced the Teletubbies TV show, calling one of the characters gay.

  Nearly 8,000 mourners attended the evangelist's funeral, but in an indication that the onetime powerhouse of Christian conservativism had lost his clout near the end was evidenced by who was not there.

  None of the GOP presidential candidates attended the funeral. The Bush White House, which at one time courted Falwell's support sent only a midlevel aide

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