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Written about Friday 2006-09-29
Written: (6472 days ago)

"How Did We Get Here?
How The Hell...
Pan Left - Close On The Steeple Of The

How Did I Get Here?
How The Hell...

Christmas Eve - Last Year
How Could A Night So Frozen
Be So Scalding Hot?
How Can A Morning This Mild
Be So Raw?

Why Are Entire Years Strewn
On The Cutting Room Floor Of Memory
When Single Frames From One Magic Night
Forever Flicker In Close-Up
On The 3D Imax Of My mind

That's Poetic
That's Pathetic

Why Did Mimi Knock On Roger's Door
And Collins Choose That Phone Booth
Back Where Angel Set Up His Drums
Why Did Maureen's Equipment Break

Why Am I The Witness
And When I Capture It On Film
Will It Mean That It's The End
And I'm Alone "

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Written about Thursday 2006-09-28
Written: (6473 days ago)

in a sea of mushrooms
floating on air
watching them grow,
watching them glow,
soon all is gone,
all is dead
we have all gone MAD

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Written about Thursday 2005-12-29
Written: (6737 days ago)

head spinning,

mind raceing,

just want it to stop

and let me sleep

i am tired of the insanity

i am tired of my mind

just let go and try to stop it all

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