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Written about Thursday 2006-03-02
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i have been ponering this for a long time now,....what if we have the ability to control time, well not actually control it, but more like slow it down,....i have a belief that we can make time go faster, due to the fact that we have our minds set on another day, you have a plan that you cant wait for, but then when it comes, you sit there and think "wow that came fast", and you wonder what happened to the time in between there,...what if i said there is a way to control that, well not control, but take advantage of that time between your plans,...why not just plan for today, and live for today, not for tomorrow, cause tomorrow hasent came yet, and by the time tomorrow comes, you could have either wasted yesterday, or made the most of it, ......you can have your plans for another day, but just keep in mind, dont wish for that day to come quickly, cause before you know it, today will become tomorrow, and tomorrow will become the next day, and you will sit back and wonder where all the time in between has gone, ....so as i said, live for today, plan for tomorrow, because before you know it, tomorrow is already here

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