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Written about Friday 2006-07-14
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i hate diarys but i thought i could type my thoughts down faster then i could write them down.lol make sense? okay anyway. i have all these friends and its so hard not to get attached to them. some i do wanna get close to like REALLY close. but some i dont want anything to do with. yea know? theres some guys on here that KNOW i like them because i have told them i do. theres only 2 guys that REALLY know that i like them.some just THINK that i likem. ive talked about that love knows no boundaries. but with some it does and it hurts so bad to know that something stupid like distance could keep us from being with eachother. and i dont know what to do! is there really anything i can do?
i dont think there is but theres really this ONE guy that is willing to come see me and im SO EXCITED! lol but shhhhh! itsa secret and you wont know who it is until he like says something on his profile.lol so thanks for reading this HORRID diary thing. lol love yea all. mwuah!

email me if you got tips id REALLY Like them.

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