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Written about Friday 2009-07-10
Written: (5343 days ago)

thoroughly depressed and possibly allergic to peanuts.

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Written about Saturday 2009-06-13
Written: (5369 days ago)

Oooft =D today was amazing. Subways, Hannah Montana and music in Mowbray Park =] isn't it great when you see little old women who should be in tea shops but instead they're in a shop that sells bongs and cheeky substances? i'm sure the piercing guy looked like James Hetfield XD

1 more to go!

lyyy x

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Written about Thursday 2009-05-28
Written: (5386 days ago)

i want everyone to make some time for me, i'm just that selfish.

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Written about Friday 2009-05-15
Written: (5399 days ago)

right. so i forget a lot XD and i change my mind too often.

listen to 'lover i dont have to love' by bright eyes

that is all.

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Written about Tuesday 2009-05-12
Written: (5401 days ago)

uuuuhhhh my GOD. i'm so stressed and tired, it's ri-goddamn-diculous. i keep falling asleep for ridiculous amounts in the middle of the day and it's really getting to me -_- but but but saturday was a totally amazing day and must be repeated again with my special person ^____________^ <3
from now on im going to bother you AAAAAAAAAAAAALLL with my silly ramblings. GOOD DAY SIR.

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Written about Sunday 2009-01-04
Written: (5529 days ago)
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According to [.CuntNugget.], my ex looks like the new Doctor Who XD

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-24
Written: (5662 days ago)

Well I'm sitting in my bedroom all alone with my parents running around like crazy packing for holiday and its doing my nut in. I'm currently listening to I'm Yours by Jason Mraz which reminds me of a lovely welsh person who I miss very muchly ^_^ I'm so tired off Alton Towers, I can't be bothered to function properly. I just tried to eat Imperial Leather Foamburst instead of drink some water O_O Damn, I'm gone. Must be off getting stuck upisde down on Ripsaw TWICE and going on Oblivion twice. In the same day.

I'm all confuzzled up inside so I thought I should right some random pap down so I have more room to think but I forgot how to use a pen, or really can't be bothered to remember how to use a pen, so I shall right it here, maybes give someone a laugh or two. Well I got sunburned twice in one day and the Splash Landings beds are uncomfy so I told them. In German. :P But you know, at least I got a unlimited chocolate fountain (drool peoples!!) and I stol some towels but only because they stole mine!! :(

I r really tired so I'm going to go now, message you all in a weeeeeek!

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