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Written about Sunday 2009-08-16
Written: (5420 days ago)


Okay I have been on my moodswings over 3half weeks
  I need someone talk to that knows what it is and maybe
  I would understand! I have seen the Doctor only he
  would say 2 me is write it down in a book. My prid
  has been 2 dark on me and im just trying my best to
  speak 2 a woman that would understand it or that could
  just help me threw?!? I have talk to my mom about it
  only she tells me that she doesn't know!!!!! So i started
  talk with the paster's wife about it, She is the only woman
  that would understand me or that would even talk to me over
  almost hr on the phone. Right now iam eatting icecream out of
  the small box, it not much in it anyway. But im not usely doing that.
  Now i have no more pids, so i had go to the store to get more.
  I have never use much of pids at all my life, now on iam.. Its just driven me crazy even inceasen.!!! Most of men wouldn't understand of a woman only thy could say "WHY DON'T YOU SEE A DOCTOR"! Only i can say how could
thy say that if thy wouldn't know what its like by havig moodswing??????
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Written about Monday 2008-04-07
Written: (5916 days ago)

This guy is not bad. He doesn't always want to be with you, but sometimes he jsut needs you everywhere. He's not sure what he wants yet if he wants to get serious or just kinda see how things go. Just watch your step and give him some space

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