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Written about Monday 2008-04-14
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ok lets see my dad hasn't worked in 2 months,hes in the hospital now cause his heart had two blockages,they put stints in and now he can't work for 12 weeks. All our bills are way way late,cable/phone getting turned off 2morrow,I got let go,can't find a frickin job anywhere,no ones hiring 16 year olds with no ged,my only pair of glasses broke, my bf broke up with me cause i didn't want to have sex and now hes going out with TWO other girls! then i started liking this other guy who said he liked me but hasn't called or picked up in two days,oh and this morning my fucking car stopped working! Just make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like i'm drowning fighting so hard to breathe but I just keep going under

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