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Written about Thursday 2008-05-01
Written: (5898 days ago)

i really do love my boyfriend david and i did something bad with another guy and i told him about it i mean it wasnt that bad i kissed another man but steel he took me back he really does love me we have been dating for 5 yrs may and i need some advise i still feel so shity and i have never done this b4 i need help how can i stop feeling this pain

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Written about Sunday 2008-04-13
Written: (5916 days ago)

me and david are fighting and it sucks i really do love him with all my heart but i get these urges wen hes not here is that a bad thing

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-12
Written: (5917 days ago)

you can like me or hate me either or i dont care im who i am and if you dont like that then dont talk to me but im a fun person to tlk to and i like questions hehe

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