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Written about Tuesday 2008-05-13
Written: (5885 days ago)

im in the process on getting my licence and im so stressed out im so scared im not going to pass the driving test lol well its really not funny hehe :):( me and my man dave are doing ok and hes coming back from michigan the 20th or the 28th im so excited well by peeps hehe

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Written about Thursday 2008-05-01
Written: (5898 days ago)

i really do love my boyfriend david and i did something bad with another guy and i told him about it i mean it wasnt that bad i kissed another man but steel he took me back he really does love me we have been dating for 5 yrs may and i need some advise i still feel so shity and i have never done this b4 i need help how can i stop feeling this pain

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Written about Sunday 2008-04-13
Written: (5916 days ago)

me and david are fighting and it sucks i really do love him with all my heart but i get these urges wen hes not here is that a bad thing

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-12
Written: (5917 days ago)

you can like me or hate me either or i dont care im who i am and if you dont like that then dont talk to me but im a fun person to tlk to and i like questions hehe

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