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Written about Tuesday 2012-04-10
Written: (3151 days ago)
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Hi everyone, just thought I'd let you all know that Kian is ok, his cold has gone.

On another note, I have met a little 9 month old baby called Alfie, he is huge and obease, I am thinking of calling social services as this is just wrong, please tel me if It's the wright thing to do or not, as I don't know what to do

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Written about Saturday 2012-03-31
Written: (3161 days ago)

Hi everyone

Me and Mat have decided we are going to married in a registry office, I can't wait, I love him to pieces. xxxxx

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Written about Monday 2012-03-19
Written: (3173 days ago)
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I have never felt so happy in my life, me and Mat have become so close, since Kian came into our lives, it has changed our lives for the better, we show each other how much we love one another, so much love is felt between us.

Matt has got me doing exercising in the park which I'm really enjoying doing, he's like my own personal trainer.

We sometimes take Cassie (our dog) out with us, and she has fun playing with the other dogs in the park, she used to hate dogs but Mat re-trained her and now she feels comfortable with other dogs.

Mat is an amazing Dad and a wonderful Fiancé, he means so much to me, i love him to pieces.

Kian is such a gorgeous baby boy, he has gorgeous blue eyes, rosy chubby cheeks, he has Matty's hands and feet and nails, he is just amazingly cute

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Written about Saturday 2012-03-17
Written: (3175 days ago)

Hi there

How is everyone doing today, I hope you are all well.

May I just direct you all to our baby please leave a comment and fan the page if you wish.

It has been a long day on Elfpack today, not many members, whats wrong with everyone, come on, have some fun. :)

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Written about Saturday 2012-03-10
Written: (3182 days ago)

Hi everyone, we have had a baby boy called Kian Gordan Joseph Halliday, weighed 6.13.1/2 pounds

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Written about Friday 2012-03-02
Written: (3190 days ago)

Please take a look at my wiki Express your body

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Written about Thursday 2012-03-01
Written: (3191 days ago)
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Hi everyone

Me and Mat [matty coppick] are not very well today.

As I'm pregnant my belly is really hurting and I'm getting shooting pains down my leg, I can't wait for the baby to come out, I'm so excited, Mat bought a load of stuff today for the baby, he bought a top what says Daddys little hero, a blue all in one, a brown top and another hich I can't remember.

Mat has an absess, he got it just after he had been to the dentist, he is in a lot of pain and has been to Hospital three times since Monday, he went to the dentist today and they said they have to wait for the swelling to go down before they can do anything.

Good news

Mat has won £8,000 compensation after he was illigally evicted and lost half of his proporty, he is putting £2,000 pounds towards the baby, and the rest he is going to share between us, he is a lovely man, he has been so supportive, I love him to pieces

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Written about Monday 2012-01-16
Written: (3236 days ago)


this is a free site for all people around the world, tell me what you think

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Written about Thursday 2012-01-12
Written: (3240 days ago)

Had a great day today been with my fiance's grandparents. It was brilliant been to McDonald's, Theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast, Market, took them to there hotel. And the whole of our pram has been paid off thanks to his Grandad it cost £230.00 all together But that includes everything and he Paid £176.00.

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Written about Saturday 2011-12-03
Written: (3280 days ago)

Support our soldiers

please click thee link, read the page, become a fan, and lets see how many people we can get to put the badge in there mood.
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Written about Monday 2011-11-14
Written: (3299 days ago)

Hi everyone!

The baby still hasn't started kicking yet, I'm starting to get worried as it is the time for the baby to start kicking which he or she hasn't, I don't know whether I should give it another few days or contact my midwife, any ideas???

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