10285) Gay marriage...?

Number of voters: 95
* a) Yes, si, oui
Number of votes: 73 (77%)
* b) No, no, non
Number of votes: 22 (23%)

2008-01-30 [itweetinHEELS]: Penises and Vagina's were made for a reason.

2008-02-17 [F A G]: And love exists for a reason, too.

2008-03-04 [itweetinHEELS]: uh yeah, but that's not what love is for..two women? uh no.

2008-03-05 [F A G]: Who's to say what love is for? Love is for everyone and everything. Why should same sex couples be excluded?

2008-03-30 [InLoveDontBothe r]: if 2 gurls love each other they can get married....same for 2 guys....and a guy and a gurl...love knows no limits

2008-04-10 [ello there00]: Love is a feeling people have to different people. If we are able to fall in love over and over again, why shouldnt it be done to the same sex? What is it that you fall in love with? It's the way the other's personality fits with yours. Well unless you are shallow and are going for looks or pocket book. If you have that special something with the same sex, then go for it. If they complete that every desire, then dont stop it. You cant stop who the heart chooses to love.

2008-04-10 [F A G]: Well put =]

2008-04-11 [making love to a corpse.]: Love is love is love. No one - gay, straight, bisexual, whatever - has a right to put strictures on romance or matters of the heart. If there is one thing which every human being has in common, regardless of race, religion, or preference, it's love. And to attempt to take that away from anyone or declare it to be illegal is just beyond wrong. It's downright unnatural.

2008-05-14 [*Faerydae*]: I agree, two ppl of the same sex loving each other is perfectly fine.

2008-05-15 [Jessegore']: i dont get it Love IS Love.
ITs An Uncontrollable Feeling i dont see what its gotter do with any one else than the actual couple. its soo Fucking Immature saying EWWW too women or two men.! Its Stupidd. Gay Marriage is just as good as a man n women getting Wed.!


2008-05-15 [Cloud Natiion]: love is love. end of. and as simple as that. everyone has free will. you can't control who you fall in love with - be that someone of the same sex? who cares. if someone has a problem with it then personally, i think they should bloody well grow up :)
gay marriage? im all for it.

2009-09-15 [underneath the stars]: Love is Love. And if somebody has a problem with gay marriage, well, they don't have to get one. It's no one's business who someone else falls in love with, and everyone deserves equal rights.

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