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Always Characters

Use this when filling out something for a character thank you ^^:

History: [doesnt have to be like super long if you dont want it to be]
Obstacle: [the one thing or things that might keep you from that one person that could be your one and only]
Other info: [for ex: if you char. has powers, isnt human, etc...]

username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
name: Jericho Storm
age: 26
gender: male
sexuality: straight
personality: he's sweet and kind and always wanting to help people
History: He's a well to do man he's not rich but not poor either he's always dreamed of being a ballet dancer but so far no such luck
Obstacle: he feels that since he's too nice that people would just use him so he doesnt let himself get to close
Other info: none :D
<img:> <----[he's the one with the black hair :D ignore the blond hair guy XD]

name: Nikita Storm
age: 24
gender: female
sexuality: straight
personality: she's bubbly and outgoing, but sometimes she may get a temper but she got that from her parents and she's easy to calm down so its not that bad really
History: Not much to say really she was raised by her mom and dad. She was raised to be strong and independent and able to stand up for herself. She works but she doesnt have since she's going to inherit a very large inheritance from her family soon. So she's a rich girl who's down to earth.
Obstacle: she's stubborn and bull headed and doesnt believe that there is her perfect match out there not because she thinks she's not good enough she just doesnt think she needs another half to herself she thinks she fine with just herself and her german sheperd Roxis
Other info: none that i know of :D
<img500*0:stuff/aj/49600/roxis.jpg><---Roxis her german sheperd

name: Korey Cooper
age: 38
gender: female
sexuality: Bi
personality: she's kinda quiet but once you get her to warm up to you she'll be the most outgoing and loving person, though she does have another side to herself she rocks out a lot
History: She grew up in a tough part of town but she didnt let that get her down she aspired to be a rocker and she did just that now she's in the band Skillet her ex husband is the lead they still remain friends though
Obstacle: she's usually too busy for a relationship plus most men and women dont like the fact her ex husband is in the band and that they are friends still
Other info: none that i know of :D

name: Gackt Camui
age: 37
gender: male
sexuality: Gay
personality: he's a sweetheart and always willing to be there for anyone and everyone he loves helping anyone who needs it
History: Born into a rich family his parents recently died so now he's a billionaire he regrets never telling his parents he was gay he was about to come out to them but when they died he blamed it on himself for wanting to come clean about his sexuality so now he's unhappily married to some woman he forced himself to have feelings for. But he has secret affairs and boyfriends on the side in other cities and countries so he leaves once a week for "business trips". He is also the band manager for Iron Maiden
Obstacle: he doesnt want to come out of the closet he's afraid that if he admits it something bad will happen
Other info: he can control shadows and materialize anything from them, also he can control the weather, read minds, and shift into a wolf with wings so while in wolf form he can fly but he can hide his wings if he wants to
<img500*0:stuff/aj/49600/gacktwolf.jpg> <----his wolf form :D

username: [wolvie]
name: Paul "Bruce" Dickinson [sorry am like brainded so using an old standby for now]
age: 54is can't rememer that sounds good though :D
gender: Male
sexuality: Bi
personality: a sweet and caring guy he's pretty random at times and annoying but he tries to be outgoing and help others through their problems
History: His father physically abused him, he went to far one day leaving Bruce in a coma for 3 days his grandfather adopted him after and raised Bruce as his own. Bruce grew up normal other then height he's very short at 5 foot 6 inches. Now Bruce is the lead singer of Iron Maiden.
Obstacle: he doesn't really think he's meant to be happy and find someone so he just clung to the first one he could get. He's married to a man who constantly abuses him physically, mentaly, and sexually, Bruce stays thinking thats the best he can get and deserve
Other info: he can heal people through touch but it drains him horribly also he can shift to a wolf
<img:> he's the one that's sleepin

username: [wolvie]
name: Steve Harris
age: 54ish :D
gender: male
sexuality: bi
personality: sweet and very loving when outside of his musical career, very strict and unforgiving when it comes to the music you mess up twice and you're out of his band
History: He founded Iron Maiden and has worked very hard to keep it going strong over the years. He orriginally wanted to be a drummer but found it imposible to keep a drum kit in an apartment so settled for the bass instead shortly after forming Iron maiden.
Obstacle: He is a chain smoker, and alcholic, and addicted to sex
Other info: he can shift to a lion at will
<img:> yes he has long hair scary i know xD
<img:> heroic lion xD

Username:[Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]
Name:Fabiana Borrelli, aka, Fabi
Personality: Often times she seems very stuck up and mean, but truely she's kind and very caring.
History: Fabiana was born in Italy, she grew up there until she was five, when her parents moved. Her parents have always been rich, so they often travled with her when she was younger. Her family is very uptight and traditional, and only like to mix with their own social standing unless it's a charity.
Obstacle:Her family is a huge one, they've sworn to disown her if she falls for anyone outside of their social standing, the other obstacle is that she's absolutely obsessed with being the best Ballet dancer,so she's constantly practicing(but hey, wouldn't you be if you were being paid?)
Other Info:None....*shrugs*

Name:Andrea(An-dray) Borrelli
Personality:Like his sister he often acts stuck up and rude, but he too is kind, but he's very serious.
History:He has the same history as his sister above.
Obstacle:His persnality, and his exsessive need to prove to his father that when the time comes, he can run their publishing company. He's a workaholic.
Other Info:Ummmm....None??

username:[Tis gone but never gone]
name:Madelina De La Cruz aka Mimi
personality:Happy, smiley, always up for a laugh,vulnerable, speaks her mind.She's a very strong, driven girl, who's sometimes a little misunderstood. But she can be at times a little cold and unfriendly
History:Mimi was born and raised in France until she was the age of 10 then her father became a senator which meant he had to travel alot which meant leaving France and moving all over the world. Mimi learned alot of different languages while traveling with her mother and father. Her family is a well know family in the 'blue blood' world as it is known as in the social world of rich people. When mimi was the age of 18 she went to college to study psychology, after college she opened up her own firm and now she is one of the best psychologist in town, everyone gose to see Mimi.
Obstacle:Since Mimi has been around long enough to make friends in the past, she always has believed that there is no use to making friend or having a lover when you have to move. But even though she dosen't have to move it still feels like that to her. And plus she has never kissed anyone before and she is kinda neverous that she might do something wrong. She is a pure virgin, never been kissed, even had sex and so on.
Other info:She smokes.

username:[Cannibal Vampire]
personality:Shes sweet, but if yew piss her off.... Step back, But she loves her pet Lion,Demyx.
History:All of her family ish died, expect her sister that she has never meet
Obstacle:Bipolar, Hungry all the time.
Other info:She a Vampire
<img:" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"> <------Vinx
<img:" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"> <----Demyx

personality:quiet, calm, kind-hearted, sweet, honest
Obstacle:cant seem to get over her shyness toward people
Other info:smokes
personality:can be emotionally unstable, quiet except when a got himself wasted
History: He when he was little went from foster home to foster home and everyone was worst has the last. His last family were drinkers and came on drunk a lot. He was very emotional at school kids made fun of him for it, He was the outcast. He ran away at age 16 and lived off teh street, stealing money for food. One day a social worker found him and found him a place and a job to support himself. Secertly tho when he feels upset will run off.
Obstacle:cant seem to get over liking the pain he cause to himself.
Other info:Cuts himself.

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