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The Doctor is a eccentric alien scientist from the planet Gallifrey, planet of the Time Lords, a race of supreme beings who have discovered the secrets of time travel and they never interfere with the affairs of other planets and they only observe and gather knowledge. The Doctor, the last of a race called the Timelords, travels through time and space in his TARDIS is disguised as a 1960's London Police Box which is larger on the inside than on the outside. Like all Time Lords, The Doctor can "Regenerate" (Change his appearance and personality when his body is worn out and he is mortally wounded). During the many years of The Doctor's travels through time and space, he is joined by various companions. He has a fondness for Earth and it's inhabitants and has visited there many times at various stages in it's history. His greates foes have been the Daleks, the Cybermen and an evil opposite from his own race called the Master. Travelling with The Doctor through time and space on-board "The TARDIS" and fighting alien menaces and the galaxy's most evil begins is the adventure of a lifetime you'll never forget...


1. NO GOD MODING or feel my boot ^^ And your not invincible
2. New born werewolves can not turn when they please, the moon is the only time.
3. just because you're trying to save a certain person doesn't mean that has to be your love
4. relationships can deterioate and what not
5. have fun and invite people
6. ooh use this to talk below once the rping starts [] or {} or ()
7. be as many people as you want just dont be too many as to where you get kinda confused.
8. Characters go here--->The Doctor Characters
9. Sex goes here-->Time for Fun

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2015-08-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: MAKE ME!!!

2015-08-18 [Legendary]: :p ok i can be anything,lets see

2015-08-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: you should be jack ^_^

2015-08-18 [Legendary]: who..?

2015-08-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: captain jack harkens... never mind. ArtworkA will get it

2015-08-18 [ArtworkA]: LOOOL he would be a perfect jack xD

2015-08-18 [Legendary]: O_O

2015-08-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: see thank you!!!! he would be right?

2015-08-18 [ArtworkA]: Yees he has the charm about him xD someone dareing and cocky flirt xD LOL

2015-08-18 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: exactly!!! see thank you >_<

2015-08-18 [ArtworkA]: xD LOOL

2015-08-19 [Legendary]: __>

2015-08-19 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: this will be soon much fun

2015-08-19 [ArtworkA]: I agree xD

2015-08-19 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: so how long till we can start?

2015-08-19 [ArtworkA]: Im not sure T-T I think we need more people or characters to keep it alive.

2015-08-19 [Legendary]: <.< kasi is down with strep atm so she cant get on a whole lot

2015-08-19 [~Kissed by an Angel~]: nooooooo :'( my poor kitty!!!

2015-08-19 [ArtworkA]: I know this >_>

2015-08-19 [Legendary]: _> tradegy

2015-08-23 [ArtworkA]: T-T

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