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now you discover it two :D

Welcome to the only wiki on Elfpack where everyone is welcomed to post their fanfictions of anything :D

The Rules
1. Anyone can post FanFiction from anything they so wish [i.e. x-men, harry potter, lotr, etc]
2. You may post mature stories [ie ones with sex-scenes, violence, whatever] just be sure to put a warning by it
3. Don't you dare make from of anybody else's work, do that once and your ass is kicked off
4. New addition, you can now post fan art either that you draw or that you find on the internet, just put it in the proper position [note: movie pics are not fan art and will be removed]
5. New addition :D you can now post your own stories and your own artwork :D just be sure to put it in the proper place
6. REMEMBER if you have any questions PLEASE ask [wolvie] she will help you
7. Every page here is now password procted to edit, don't panic, if you want to edit the page just send [wolvie] a private message and she will gladly give you the password, this is just to prevent abuse of the wiki

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2009-07-18 [Boomnesss]: -gasp= we have so much in common!

2009-07-18 [wolvie]: *gasp!* your right :D

2009-07-18 [Boomnesss]: omg, we should totally go out xD lol, jk

2009-07-18 [wolvie]: omg but wait then what would happen to poor bobert he'd feel so left out :D

2009-07-18 [Boomnesss]: bobert?

2009-07-18 [wolvie]: *gasp!* you do not know of bobert?!?!

2009-07-18 [Boomnesss]: -shakes head=

2009-07-19 [wolvie]: *cries for you*

2009-07-19 [Boomnesss]: who is it?

2009-07-19 [wolvie]: i dunno :D

2009-07-19 [Boomnesss]: lol xD

2010-03-07 [wolvie]: ...this picture just begged a fanfic XD
beware i'm workin on writing one out XD

2010-03-07 [shadows of life]: That interesting.

2010-03-07 [ArtworkA]: His is wearing a mask?

2010-03-07 [wolvie]: i called it an evil hat thingy XD see Bruce's evil hat thingy! hopefully i spelled it right xD it just cracked me up like no other so imma make a random story about it's evilness

2010-03-07 [ArtworkA]: He has awesome pants by the way

2010-03-07 [wolvie]: oh i know i want a pair of pants like that xD

2010-03-07 [shadows of life]: hmm...

2010-03-07 [ArtworkA]: lol

2010-03-07 [wolvie]: i can't help it if i'm random :O

2010-03-07 [ArtworkA]: Lol no one can My sis ish home

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