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111) What color hair, did you prefer billie joe with? (Administrator: [~!~GreenDay~!~])

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2006-02-11 [GABA~blah~GABA]: AWESOME

2006-02-11 [xsarah]: Yeah...

2006-02-18 [rocker_reject]: i liked them before american idiot. didnt hear of them before dookie. i was like 12 when i heard of them

2006-02-19 [GABA~blah~GABA]: fun

2006-02-20 [rocker_reject]: yep

2006-02-21 [~!~GreenDay~!~]: I DID! ive loved green day since forever

2006-02-21 [~!~GreenDay~!~]: i was 5 when i first heard them

2006-02-21 [~!~GreenDay~!~]: dident kno who the hell they were but i loved them

2006-02-21 [GABA~blah~GABA]: yea i know same here... like i knew their music and i kinda heard of them,,, but i didnt ok im just confusing myslef

2006-02-24 [~!~GreenDay~!~]: yeah

2006-02-24 [GABA~blah~GABA]: lol

2006-03-09 [~!~GreenDay~!~]: NEW POLL

2006-04-28 [~!~*Welcome To Paradise*~!~]: woot woot!!

2006-07-24 [System message]: yo

2007-02-21 [MadHatress]: they call the band Green Day is because back before the band, they liked to sit around and smoke pot all day...

2008-04-02 [your exotic nightmare]: yeah...just listen to the song "Green Day"

2008-04-03 [MadHatress]: God, isn't tat song like, 14 years old?

2008-04-22 [your exotic nightmare]: yeah...but its still good

2008-04-22 [MadHatress]: oh I know, lol
I have a couple of their underground albums

2008-05-06 [your exotic nightmare]: awesome

2008-05-06 [MadHatress]: I know! mesa happie! lol

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