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2011-03-29 20:40:48
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This the offical count down till hallowicked


yes i was late on updating this i know its past hallowicked but ya stick with me ^.^


My Ticket From Last Year, And A CD They Was Giving Out

hallowicked review of 08
fucking amazing best consert i have ever been to n i fucking loved it, blaze, abk, amb, n ofcorse the one n only living mass murderer's then self icp, good times good times,1 to 10 scale 10 deffently

hallowicked 09 review, well it as fucking awsome lesser known bands, like the daton family, motown rage, n hed pe, i was slightly disapointed cuz i was in the dark to who was gunna be there, n i got fucked up in the pit, but once i was there n rocking out to hep pe n motown rage it ranked just under 08, if i had not broke a par of glasses n fucked up one of my fav pants it would of gotten a lesser ranking but because of that it ranked where it did, 1 to 10 scall 9.5, cant wate till next year to come ^.^

LMAO to damn long scene i undated this shit, lol o well shit happens i didnt make it last year i was irrated but hell shit happens, this year tho MUST GO !!!!!!! my cuz went last year and said it was off the hook and thats why i AM going this year !!!!
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