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Many of you have asked me who are what are the elementals,well you see i wrote a book not too long ago,called yep you guessed it The Elementals,but they saw it as not a good idea and would not publish my book,so now i am gonna fill in the blankspots and help everyone understand just what the elementals are and there past.

Lets start in how they were created:

Long ago there exsisted 10 sages,each conscribed to make the world an even better place to live,it was the 1st dynasty and the human race first discovered magic,it was a thriling time as many used magic for things that made little to no sence just to use it i guess,anyway the 10 sages began experimanting in how to limit the magical capabilities that the humans possesed,but one sage...named Krintax....devised a plan to give the humans a way to fight back against the sages,he bestowed upon 10 humans an the gift to control the powers that the earth provided,he presented the warriors each with one gift so that they may rule over various parts of the world un-oposed.

To the first, he bestoed the power of darkness,so that he may rule over the souls of the men with an iron fist.

To the second,he granted the power of thunder,so that he could control the skys and choose were and when a storm would strike.

To the third,he granted the power of water,so that he may control the rivers and streams and oceans of the world at his descretion.

To the fourth,he granted the power of nature so that he could control the wilderness and the fertility of both crops and earths women.

To the fifth,he granted the power of steel,an un-usual gift yet it gave him the ability to be virtually indestructable in terms of both physical and spiritual damage.

To the sixth,he granted the power of earth,to ravage the planet with earthquakes and rockslides.

To the seventh,he granted the power of spirits,another unsual gift,it gave him the unique gift of controling masses of power using emotion.

To the eighth,he granted the power of wind,so that he may control the air and wind currents of the world.

To the ninth,he granted the power of the mist,this gave him the ability to be untouched as nothing could physically harm him.

To the tenth,he granted the power of fire,so that he may raze the lands of man,and control the most vital source of energy of the earth,the sun.

Soon the other sages caught wind of this treason,but Krintax was able to fight them off as he commanded these warriors of his creation against them,the sages refered to them as Darklings,the reason for this is tho there gifts were immence the curse of the abilities made them into demons.
The remaining nine sages devised that they would have to stop Krintax by stooping to his level as they created 10 warriors aswell,one to match each of the Darklings,and thus they called them the elementals for each warrior controlled a element of the planet.
The two sides waged wars but a unforscene event accured,the elementals and darklings bredded into the human race and so a system began if the darklings and elementals fought,in the event of one of there deaths they would be aloud to have relationships with the people of earth as they were to make earth the BattleField(hint hint).
The darklings and elementals killed eachother for centuries as it continued with no side gaining anyground until Minsardra Tower.

The elementals Moved the human armies to attack the tower at Minsardra which many believed was a secret base for the darklings,which was soon evident as the armies of the dark king began to move to meet them outside of the city,the human estimate in force was about 400,000 whilst the demon occupation was a astonishing 650,000. outnumbered the elementals decided they would use the human army in a forward attack hoping that they could hold whilst the elementals snuck into the city to confront the demon leaders,the plan worked as the demon army payed no heed to the advancing elementals but only seemed to wish the death of the human armies.once inside the elementals were met by the menacing appearance of Demaga...virtually a rookie in terms of darkling status,but a formidable opponet.

The elementals enagaged the darklings in a briliant display of magic and strength as neither side wanted to loose,the human army was holding suprisinglly well as the elementals left the inner sanctum of the fortress and began fighting along side there human soldiers against the darklings in the middle of the mayhem.Flamorda Elemental of Fire,was the first to get his troops within the fortress as the human army began to push the demons back into the fortress,the humans brought ladders to the walls of the fortress as demon arrows rained down upon them,all hope seemed lost for taking the fortress.....until....Flamorda made a fatal mistake,using his powers to make a large hole in the wall of the fortress,which was against the code of the elementals,the soldiers quicklly stormed inside and began to cheer as the demons were being beaten for the first time ever remembered in history.

But alas it was a short lived, a large cloaked figure appeared in the midst of the battle...Krintax...the sage of darkness...fully suited up and ready for battle against the elements,the elements fell one by one as they were no match for a sage.Flamorda rose up with the Rage Masters Blade ready to take on Krintax,the two began to fight back and forth continuouslly as both were seeminglly even in power.

But Krintax had an ace up his sleeve,he had captured Flamorda's wife...Nexra..from the village Flamorda left her in,outraged by this Flamorda was able to tap into hidden reserves of power and managed to save his wife at the cost of his left arm and several other injuries.

With the demon army beaten,Krintax decided to pull back knowing only Flamorda remained alive out of the elementals.Flamorda was brought back to Tokyo were he slowly recovered from the battle,during this time,he had two children...Heatra and Irene Kasshu....

Flamorda was later killed by Krintax in a battle near the village,Krintax rejoiced knowing he had finally defeated the elementals and brought his demonic nation to power...but was again..not to be for when Krintax tryed to break the seal on the gain access into the realm of the Sages..he learned that the fire and thunder elements had been passed from another.

And so the story begins^^

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2010-03-24 [Legendary]: so hows my story so far

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