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Welcome to Homophobia Sucks, Embrace The Rainbow!!

Here, we Hate Homophobia! At any question, no matter what!


I love hearing people's opinoions on gay marriages or relationships. I absolutely hate it when people say, " Let them! " Or, " They shouldn't be allowd to. " Now, I don't care if you're for it, or against it, it's your own opinion, but excuse me...They? Who are they? They are your friends, your family, your neighbors, your enemies, your cuzins, aunts, uncles, ect. They are people. They all have the same damn rights. So why don't we get full use of all of those rights? Beacuse people have to lable, and make "us" different. We are you, and you are us. Homosexuality was declined being considered a brain disorder about fifty years ago. So you lable "us" like we're criminals. Is it a crime, and a punishable crime, to be born a certin way? Is it punishable by death? By refusal of marrage? Some people consider it so, beacuse "we" are considered discusting, and revolting to society. Tell me, all you heterosexual couples, how would you feel if the man/woman of your dreams--the one you love with all your heart--kissed you in public, and you got beatten with bats, or even worse, killed. How would that make you feel? I'm sure I share the fear many homosexual people do about expressing affection in public. In fear of our lives. Wow, love almost seems not worth it if it means risking your life. But in my opionion, I'm as good as you are, I'm no better, you're no worse. we're all people, and we all deserve equal rights. There is the scenerio that gay marrages would bring more people to the U.S., but I believe if you are a U.S. Citizen, in " The land of the free" You should be free, and not be under false hope of living a happy life. and loving the person that your heart belongs to. And be able to freely express that love, with no negitive consiquences, in public, in private, and in matrimony. So that's my take.

I hate the wiki i hate homosexuality! :D :D




-I like Homosexuality
-Guys Kissing Guys
-Kissing Girls
-Girls kissing girls
-Love Has No Gender

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2006-12-20 [Kagomeyasha]: I got betta! *deep fries some tuna* <<;;

2006-12-20 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: ummm, tuna my dear?

2006-12-20 [Kagomeyasha]: omfgdz. :D I like sashimi tuna. *nods*

2006-12-20 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: uummm, shibs?

2006-12-22 [Kagomeyasha]: that's mah name? >>; *stands boldly*

2006-12-22 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: *takes photos*

2006-12-22 [Kagomeyasha]: *winks* AND I'M OFF TO SAVE THE DAY!!!! *zooms away*

2006-12-23 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: *chases after, taking more photoses!*

2006-12-24 [Kagomeyasha]: *uses ultimate sheild* ((WTF? GREED?!)) *and continues running*

2006-12-25 [James Von Fugger, King of the Zombies!]: *takes shots of the Greed* woot!

2006-12-26 [Kagomeyasha]: *lols*

2009-09-01 [WonderTweek]: *walks in and throws skittles about*

2009-09-01 [underneath the stars]: Skittles for the win ^_^

2009-09-01 [WonderTweek]: Mhm! *Hands you Skittles* ^___^ taste the rainbow!!
Except I don't suggest tasting the rainbow when it's sat in your car for half a year, it gets all... sticky xD

2010-02-26 [Away forever, bye]: Support the rainbow ^^

2010-04-07 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: My brother's gay! his boyfriend, really nice guy, he's a lawyer

2010-05-27 [Eternal Sunshine]: I HAVE FOUND MY HOME! :D
*huggles everyone happily*

2010-05-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: *blink*

2010-05-28 [underneath the stars]: XD Oh hai everyone

2010-05-28 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: hi...

2010-05-28 [Eternal Sunshine]: Oh hai!
Sorry, I was kinda loud and bold. :3

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