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I Gave You My Heart

Cause I decided to make an emo-ish wiki ^_^ go ahead and add emo-ish pics, and poems...or whatever, hehehehe^_^

I Gave You My Heart Quotes:
I gave you my hear, that's why I don't have one.

Emo guys are hot.
       -[Boomnesss] and [♥Elysium♥]

Your soul is like a glass ball; extremely fragile. When you love someone, you give them your soul. Some will take it, wrap it in bubble wrap and blankets, then put it somewhere where nothing would ever happen to it. Others will take it, and smash it to pieces right in front of you with a hammer. That's what it feels like to have your heart broken.
       -The voice named S in [Deg]'s head

I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
I hate everything about you
Why do I love you
   -Three Days Grace

Eveytime i see him
i stop and stare
if he only knew how i feel about him
why cant i just go up to him and say 'I love you'
I love u so much. i wish you knew how i felt about you
Your 1 of the only people who keeps me away from death.
Baby I love You! Will you be mine from now on?
Please just tell me do you feel the same?

Theme Songs for this Wiki:
'Taking Over Me' By: Evanescence
'My Immortal' By: Evanescence
'Lies' By: Evanescence
'I Hate Everything About You' by: Three Days Grace
















Baby pic of [Boomnesss] that she edited

My Once Whole Heart

I remember it clearly,
The day we took our walk,
My thoughts choked me,
As we had our talk.

Tears streamed down my face,
As you said good bye,
You left be behind,
My woe a great sigh.

A hole dug its way,
Into my once whole heart,
Confused and afraid,
I'm left at the very start.


My Constant Distraction

I found it circling inside my mind,
Something I thought id never find.
Your my constant distraction,
an inner enaction.
You entered my soul
Giving hope to my life
I clung onto you
Ending my strife
So many tears
Have I cried for you
Hoping you'd give me the cue


{inspired by [garbageman82]}

When did I break your heart?
Where did we fall apart?
It was you and me till the end,
But now we're just friends.
Bit by bit, you pull away,
But I have so much left to say.
(I love you,
You have no clue,
I miss you,
You said "We're through.")
I envy just how quickly
You throw away your piece of me.
I wish I could move on,
Forget how much I lost.
My love, my heart it aches,
For no more bends and breaks.
(I love you,
You have no clue.
I miss you.
You said "We're through.")
I'm through with loving anyone,
My souls slowly coming undone.
I could only take so much,
Before it all dissolved my luck.
I'll die alone, with all my pain.
Stuck here at home, no love to gain.
(I love you.
I can't get through.
I miss you.
I always do.)


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