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welcome to I'm Narutarded are youthis wiki page is only for those sadly oppresed narutardes looking for a friend ,pluse we haver really cool banners if you want one [Zombie girl]will make one just for you if you ask nicely

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2010-03-23 [Sky Chord]: XD yes your pillow Fort

2010-03-29 [NyxianVanity]: sweet :3

2010-03-29 [Sky Chord]: XD i shall destroy it!

2010-04-02 [NyxianVanity]: good luck! XD

2010-04-02 [Sky Chord]: ^_^ Im gonna kick it!

2010-04-03 [NyxianVanity]: it'd eat your foot XD

2010-04-03 [Sky Chord]: O_o..oh noo..then i'd use my hyper beam!

2010-04-04 [NyxianVanity]: hehe good luck! impermeable!

2010-04-04 [Sky Chord]: O_o...Noo >.< PROTECT!

2010-04-05 [NyxianVanity]: -giggles-

2010-04-06 [Sky Chord]: My Legg :D

2010-04-11 [NyxianVanity]: legg?

2010-04-13 [Sky Chord]: Yes legg

2010-04-14 [Zombie girl]: apparently its a leg

2010-04-15 [Sky Chord]: O_o yes...MY leg...

2010-04-19 [Zombie girl]: you'll live

2010-04-20 [Sky Chord]: O-o no i wont...My brain was in my foot O_o i put it in my sock so i wouldn't lose it XD

2010-06-15 [NyxianVanity]: baha XD

2010-06-16 [Sky Chord]: :O me es dead

2010-06-16 [NyxianVanity]: i ish not >.> -pokes the corpse- @-o

2010-06-22 [Sky Chord]: yes i iss!

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