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It's a Phase

I really didn't mean for it to happen. It just did. My boyfriend was out of town and he was being an ass before he left. I just needed something... to feel important? To have a little enjoyment. Really I wanted an orgasm since Tommy has NO idea how to please me.

My friends from college 'the girls' as I so affectionately called them and I had gone to the bar to enjoy ourselves, let off some steam and swap sex stories. The other girls talked about Multiple orgasms, 69s and sex toys and I... well I talked about watching tv after Tommy had gotten his fix.

That's when Alex told us something we had been pretending not to know.

"I'm Lesbian," Alex said taking a drink of her Martini.
Tasha laughed, "We already knew that Alex, we've known that since the first year of college."
"Well I've probably had the best sex life of all of you. Especially since you know you're all are lying, only Jenny seems to be truthful. You all should be ashamed."

I blushed, and looked at Alex who was sitting next to me. "I'd love an orgasm, even just one." I said barely over a whisper.

The other girls laughed and we moved on to other topics getting, well incredibly wasted.

And then I felt it. Alex's fingers rubbing up my leg lightly. She leaned over to me. "I'll give you an orgasm if you want one," she whispered in my ear. My hole body shivered and as the other girls got up in their drunken stupor. "I'd love it."

Alex smiled and took my hand. I wasn't that drunk but I needed it. I was so horny and Alex was so hot, her blond hair falling over her shoulders right to her sexy C cups. We took a cab and she teased me her hand up my leg lightly but never getting anywhere close to where I wanted her to be. We got to her apartment and she fumbled with her keys one handed still holing onto mine tightly.

We finally made it in ans she pushed me against the wall, and pulled me closer into her, "I want to make you so happy. I've always wanted to make you happy Jenny."

She kissed me deeply and my whole body reacted. I moved my hands up her shirt and grabbed her boobs. She smiled and kissed me deeper running her tongue across my lip and I moaned. She held me in her arms and pushed into me harder.

"Alex, damn yes," I moaned into her lips and she added her tongue into my mouth. I rubbed her nipples through her bra until I felt them against my thumb hard. She started kissing down my neck and moved her hands to my ass and grabbed it causing me to buck into her harder. I fondled her harder and moaned. Suddenly I felt myself pulling off her shirt my fingers running up her back. She shivered and kissed me harder then suddenly picked me up and took me to her bed room pulling off my shirt and unhooking my bra.

"Your so damn beautiful Jenny" She said passionately between each kiss up my stomach. Suddenly her mouth was around my nipples sucking on them deeply.

I moaned her name my back arching into her. I unhooked her bra and kept rubbing her nipples.

She pulled back and smiled. Then started for my skirt again pulling it along with my pannies off. I looked at her biting my lip. Suddenly she slid her fingers into me and I gasped. What was I doing? Suddenly she storked me harder and I forgot about questioning. I pushed her under me kissing her deeply and started kissing down her chest cupping her breast untill I licked her nippled the sucked on it. She maoned and whimpered.

I moved down her stomach and took off the rest of her clothes I ran my tounge down leg then pushed my tounge into her. She moaned pushing my face down. It was liberating and I wanted more.

"Jenny? Are you okay?" Alex said her hand on my shoulder. I looked at her. We we're back in the bar. It had just been a drunken day dream.

"I'm fine." I said to her then looked back at all the girls leaving.

I watched Alex's cute back side. it's just a phase I thought to my self just a phase

It's just a phase or is it?

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2010-02-26 [Tis gone but never gone]: Wow that was a good sotry! :D I want more, I want to know if Jenny and Alex are going to get together ^^ So write more, please Aud :D

2010-02-26 [Away forever, bye]: OMG! I love, love love your story! :D I hope you don't mind that Michelle aka [Tis gone but never gone] sent me a link for it. But I really love your story ^^ Write more of it.

2010-02-28 [Ranaha]: No it's all good. :) Lol. I Michelle was the only person I have in my friend list who would like a story like this. Haha.

2010-02-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: Well I want more of this kind of story! I want to know if Jenny and Alex will get to together or not :D

2010-02-28 [Ranaha]: Lol. I'm going to be prety busy for a little while... So....... Lol I'll try.... But it might not be for awhile

2010-02-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: Tis fine doll ^^ I'm kinda busy too what with uni and me writiing my stories lolz. But I look forward to reading more.

2010-02-28 [Ranaha]: Thanks. :)

2010-02-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: Welcome :)

2010-03-01 [Ranaha]: I'm trying to decide if they should get together.

2010-03-01 [Tis gone but never gone]: Well I think they should and Jenny should break up with her bf too.

2010-03-01 [Ranaha]: *laughs* Tommy is pretty dumb. But they've been together for awhile now.

2010-03-01 [Tis gone but never gone]: Eh true but maybe he and Jenny could have a fight and Jenny gose crying to Alex for support. They have a couple of glasses of wine as they talk about it then Jenny could tell Alex that she wants to get rid off Tommy and find a girlfriend.

2010-03-01 [Ranaha]: Lol. Maybe. :)

2010-03-01 [Tis gone but never gone]: lolz :D

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