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Journey of the Al Bhed's

Rikku and Yuna are among the last of the surviving members of the Al Bhed race. A group of Al Bhed haters have set out to take them out. Now not many of the Al Bhed are left. It is easy to tell who is an Al Bhed and who is not because of their bright green eyes with the spiral-patterned irises. And their blonde hair. Rikku, and Yuna are doing all they can to preserve the Al Bhed race, and with the help of some of their old friends and some new ones they might just succeed in saving them selves.

1.[Sonya Blue]-Owner
4.[Sky Chord]
5.[Verpassen Sie Chelsea Arleta]
6.[Fallen dreams]

1.ASK the owner in a PM if you choose to play a main character.
2.If you ask me if you can play a main character, and i don't answer you, it probably means no, so don't keep asking.
5.Be creative, or fear the wrath of my Creative Stick.
6.Keep outside arguments outside of this wiki please.
7.If you have a main character and you are lost, ask someone who is currently active in the wiki what has been going on.
8.TRY to keep up
9.In case you didn't get it the first time i said it NO CYBERING!!!
10.HAVE FUN!!!!!

Al Bhed Main Characters

Al Bhed Characters

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