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a stroke of the hand trough your hair
a kiss on the cheek saying that you'll be
their a close and open heart saying i love you
cudlling is a way to show that you still care a kiss
on the lips i will be their for you for ever.
rarely to be seen by day's light the
phantom of the night to be spoted and not
spoken to rarely to be seen at night always on
top the phantom of the night will see you but you will
never see him like hes does you he sees all that you do he
is the one and only phantom of the night.

night by night day by day i see you
and your smiling face every time you look
at me i think about what we could be together
like inuyasha and kagome kouga and ayame we are ine
of a kind and we always will be one.

a cat furry and a wolf furry sitting down with a human
they all gaze at the moon while talkin wonders some
day you will see them and other days you wont they olny
come out at night to party all night long they are the 3 wonders of the night.

every night i tihnk of you and how we could be
every morning i think of you and how you act your ways
every afternoon is nicebut not like sugar and spice
i am missing you in every way possible but you dont even notice me
i try so hard to get your atention but all i get is your misdirection
what can i do to make you see me what can i do to make you notice that
i care in every way their is for i will be their.

i hate this what you have done to me
i cant be with you like this i am only a pawn
in this game of yours i do not know why you did
this to me you could of done it to some one else but
you love to use me like every one else have used me befor
i am done with your lies and i am done with you i am not
your pawn in this little game of yours.

this pain that i have will not go away
not even with meds it stays their for ever
i wonder when it will go away never to come back
the doctors tell me that i am fine but i know other wise
this pain that i have is very sharp at times sharp as
daggers and some times knifes i wish i could get rid
of this pain for ever but right now i must deal with it and

i'll be your angel of darkness
i'll never leave your side
i'll love you for ever
i'll be your angel only
i'll go where you will go
your the best and the only
one that i will love.

why do they do this
to me why must i pay
how can this happen
to me on a rainy day
why do this do this
to me instead of some one else
i can not take this no more why
must i suffer more and more
why do they do this to me i do not
under stand i gusse i am worthless
then another cran so i say again why do they do this to me.

missing you when your gone loving
you when your here
missing you all the time is all
that i can do i love
you alot you miss you so much
missing you ever night and day thats
all that i do is missing you
always and for ever no bodys
knows how much i love you.

you and i are far apart.
even in the heart.
you and i will never be together.
because of your lying heart.
you and i are very different.
even in oure art.
you and i are nothing alike.
you and i are over.
and over we will.
be for ever and always.

you are all that i see.
you are all that i hear.
you are the whisper in the wind.
you are every are the only one.

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