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Name Of Poem: October Winds

October Winds Are Like Wonder
Full Fires Of Magical Fairy
Dust In The Mornings Breeze
October Winds Are Wonder
Full Like Two Baby Birds
Learning How To Use Their
Wings October Winds Are
One Of A Kind And The Best In
The World To feel Is The October

Name Of Poem: Dark Lovers

Dark Lovers Is What We Are
What We Will Be What We Are Ment
To Be Is Dark Lovers What Else Can We
Be What Else Should Come Of Us We
Are Dark Lovers We Are The Lovers
Of The Night Ment To Be Come
Immortal For We Are Dark Lovers.

Name Of Poem: Dark Love

Dark Love Is All Around Every
Place Its Every Where Dark Love
Is Simple And Easy Nice And Slow
Happy And Healthy Is This Dark Love
Of Mine Is Here At Last Here
To Stay And Here For Ever
And Ever Of All Times Of This

Name Of Poem: Mystic Amulet

Mystic Amulet Is What I Seek What
I Want What I Need Is This Mystic Amulet
Of The Day Of The Light Of The Sun Is
This Mystic Amulet Of Night Of The
Dark Of The Dead Of This Mystic Amulet
That I Seek To Use The Mystic Amulet.

Name Of Poem: Time

Time Can only Tell When
We Will Meet And Be In
Each Others Arms Again Time
Will Bring Us Together Never
Apart We Can Hug Each
Other And Hold Each Other
Time Is On Our Side ANd
We Got All The Time
In The World.

Name Of Poem: Dark Amulet

Dark Amulet SO Nice And Shiny
Dark Amulet That Sparkles In The
Moonlit Sky Above Dark Amulet SO Perfect
And Round Dark Amulet Of The Seven Seas
Thrown Back Into The Deepest Of Oceans
Of The Once So Powerful
Dark Amulet

Name Of Poem: Darkness

Darkness Falls All Around Every Where
Its All That I Here Darkness Is What I Need
Is In The Air Its In My Soul Darkness Is
My Own Companion That I Can Really
Count On Darkness Is My Love And
My One And Only Weakness Is My Very
Own Real Life Darkness.

Name Of Poem: Winter

Winter Is Here Now To Stay
The Wind Is Strong The Birds Are
Away Winter Is Nice Amazing And
Cold Winter Is What Makes Me Feel
Right At Home Winter Is What I Need
And what I Got I Love My Winter
Its All That I want Is This Loving
Beautiful Winter Snow Covered ground
It Lets Me Know That Its Winter All
Over Again.

Name Of Poem: Summer Love

Summer Love Is In The Air On A Boat On
A Train In The Sea Summer Love Is Here To Stay
It Will Never Want To Go Away Ever Again
Summer Love Is Sweet Amazing And Nice It
Is even Romantic At Times Summer Love Is
Just A Day Away From The Loving Holidays
Summer Love Is Here At Last So Pickup
The Phone And raise Your Glass For It
Is Here Again Now To Stay Our Wonderful
And Sweet Summer Love.

Name Of Poem: I Feel Alone

I Feel Alone Even When I'm Not
Theirs No Where To Go No One To Turn
To For Help Or A Map I Feel
Alone Now Not Knowing Why Or How
It Happened I Feel Alone I Need Some
One To Tell Why This Has to Happen
I Feel Alone And Their Is Not A
Thing That I Can Do About It
I Will Always Feel Alone.

Name Of Poem: Love

Love Is What Every One Feels But
Is The Love Real Or Even If It Is Fake
Love Comes In Many Forms And Shapes
Many People Feel It AT The Same Time
Love Is Sweet At Times AT Times
It Is Sad Love Is On The Way To
The Top Of The World That Is
Why It Is Called Love.

Name Of Poem: The Sun

The Sun Comes Out All The Time Every
Day Every Sign The Sun Has The Most Heat
On This Planet It will Share It The Sun
Is A Flaming Ball Of Fire So Neat But
Yet To Hot To Even Touch It The Sun
Has Wonders About It you Will Never
Know Because It Is In Fact The Sun.

Name Of Poem: The Darkness

The Darkness I See In Your Eyes
Are Like The Pits Of Hell Burning
With The Passion Of A Thousand Suns
Of Lava In crusted Snakes Of Doom
The Darkness I Seek Is In Your Soul
Trying To Get Out But You Hold
Back And Keep It In Side Of You
Sealed Up Like A Prisoner
Of War The Darkness In Side Of
You Hungers To Get Out And
To Feast On The Living Do Not
Let Your Darkness Get Out.

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