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Draco Malfoy moved to America only four years after the fall of Voldemort, he found that he was constantly scrutinized by those around him because of his family name. He became an Auror for the Ministry of Magic of America. He married and had a son, Scorpious Malfoy. He worked hard to create a new name for the Malfoy family, and soon he thought everything was behind him. However, he couldn't run from the dark arts for long. When his son as six years old, he was attacked while Draco was working. His wife was killed and his son horriably scarred. Draco was later killed while his son was still in the hospital.

An evil man that only goes by the name X and his lover, Vee are known as utch and Dutchess by some. They only commend purebloods, and both are, though niether came from a well off family. They found it unfair that the two of them, purebloods, should have less then halfbreeds or muggleborns. They started creating mahem while they were still in school. In their last year, they killed the headmaster and five other teachers, plus to muggle-borns. After that they seemed to disapeer, only to make an appeareance again later, but this time with fallowers, and growing in strength and numbers.

When Scorpious awoke, he knew that he would one day have to stop the pair, but what he didn't realise is that his destiny is tied in with the most unlikely person. Luna Blackheart was left in an orphanage when she was only a day old, being nearly the same age as Scorpious. She was adopted and raised by loving Muggles, and when she discovered that she was a witch, she was glad that she finally had an explination of the strange occurances, but also a possible link as to who she is.

Juggling saving the wizard, and muggle world, and school is not a challang to be taken lightly, and cannot be done by two teenagers alone. They're going to need help, and they find that help at school.

Sorry anout the long Ok, so Monarch School is located in Wyoming, hidden from muggles obviously. Quidditch is a popular sport still, and the Ministry of America is set up much like the one in Britian.

A couple of differences to note are:
Werewolves are highly accepted in America, as are Vampires that can control their thirst. They're even allowed in schools

There are actually four wizarding schools in America, one all girls, one all boys, Monarch(boy and girl) and Moonlit, which is for werewolves and vampires that feel more comfortable with more of their own kind.

    The Phoenix House                                       The Pisces House

    The Lupin House                                        The Aireheart House

Monarch School
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