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Neurotic Obsession's Poetry 2


Me suffer
Everything you say brings me down
You can't control me
Trying to take me down has crucify your life
How do you sleep knowing you hurt me?
I've awaken to another day's feelings
Poisoning my dreams throughout the night
Through the darkness I can see the fear
In your eyes like daggers through my heart
Your eyes show every emotion
I pity you
You have made yourself sick
You're worthless.
You --!

You are like a window, you allow fresh air into my heart,
You are like a heater, you know how to warm me up,
You are like a mirror, you make me see myself more clearly,
You are like a comb, you really straighten me up.

You are like a debt, it's difficult to ignore you,
You are like alcohol, it's difficult not to drink you regularly,
You are like an injection, you drive away all the boredom,
You are like a diamond, you never lose your beauty.

You are like honey, you specialize in being sweet,
You are like water, a necessity to my existence,
You are like a spring, always flowing with endless love,
You are like thunder, you make your presence to be felt.

You are like a pot, you cook various good dishes,
You are like medicine, you soothe all the pain in me,
You are like a flower, you brighten your surroundings,
You are like a Bible, you have endless good verses.

You are like a prophet, you can read my mind,
You are like a palace, you have everything I need,
You are like a dictionary, you contain many riches,
You are like a music refreshing, and very good.
The Butterfly

As love falls down from the sky,
It lands on the wings of a butterfly.
The butterfly sings it's songs and rhymes,
And flies through the air, No concept of time.
It is the messenger of patience and change,
For flower to flower, it's odd and it's strange.
The butterfly can transform it's world,
And give way to new beginnings, unfurled.
It is the keeper of transformation,
And flies on faith and imagination.
The butterfly has no fear of change,
It bravely escapes it's homemade cage.
To change, it knows is necessary,
For all the burdens we need not carry.
The butterfly soars, and merrily sings,
For, without change, it could never grow wings.
The Same Shoes With Different Socks

How would you walk in my shoes?
How would you see through my eyes?
How would you fix the problems that occur to me daily?
Would you look for the answers or criticize the questions?
Would you have hope and continue to strive for what you believe in?
Would you wonder how you have gotten yourself in some of these ridiculous situations?
Would I wonder the same if I were walking in you shoes?
Would you then understand the concept of perspectives?
Would you ten look at me differently?
If I were you and you were me...
Would there be any difference?
An Orphan Named Rose

Taken from her mother
When she was just a child
She was given to strangers
Who never heard her cry
They gave her only water
Teased with sunlight
It was their symbol of love
To watch her die
The Nemesis Of Man

I hear the screams
I feel the pain
Crashing, destroying, and annihilating whatever heart that's left in this world.
Confusion taking over the fragile mind.
Greed tearing apart so many lives.
Pain amongst pain, pang of guilt tearing apart the human heart.
Can it be true?

The Heavens are crying, shedding tears of sorrow.
Watching us penetrate anguish into our own souls.
Is it all a nightmare -- A creation of our self conscious?
A quiet, ticking voice -- controlling our every moment.
Too invisible for the human eyes -- to see, to feel, or to comprehend.

We watch "them" working their evil -- taken over by greed, animosity, and hate.
Man's worst enemy is man himself.
As the sands of time continue to fall --
Will civilization perish or stand tall?

Let the notes that fall so sweetly
Charm you in the evening air,
Never was so sweet a ballad
Sung with passion, love and care.
Hear the notes rise ever higher
Listen to the music there
Here is beauty all around you
There is nothing to compare.

It has overruled me
It has overpowered me
It has become me
Grief has pulled me down
It took over
It made me want to cry forever
But I overpowered grief
Grief did not win
Grief took one final shot at me
It was much too strong for me
I was barely healed from my first dose
It came back
It has taken everything
It taunts me
It makes me want to scream
Grief can be that way
You never know when you'll get your dose
Death, it's never an easy thing

A faceless earthworm
Twists its impaled body
Round and round
Cold man made steel
Saved from being
Swept away in the current
By the vehicle of its
:: Bug Haiku's ::

They come separately
and then leave the garden as one
giant butterfly.

Two flies, so small
it's a wonder they ever met,
are mating on this rose.

Snail may creep his way,
but see how he binds with sliver
each moment he leaves.

Butterfly's splendor
folds into tall silence
upon the flower.

Sly black butterfly-
your stunts always seem to end
on a marigold.

The little green bug
crawling out of this flower
sports new white shoes.

This woolly larva
has hung himself out to dry
between two wet leaves.

In mid-air, dancing
around at the end of a thread:
a tiny larva.

A single cricket
now warms the quiet of this
lonely mountain night.

From the floundering bug
spread rings of desperation...
the greatest- the last.

Little ladybug
hides under her lovely shell
a pair of long wings.

Gnats come as a cloud,
then spread out over
the coolness of the pool.

A tiny spider
has begun to confiscate
this cup's emptiness.

Through the gossamer wings
of this still dragonfly...
the blooming cosmos.

And blue and
Black and
The sky
An abused child's body
A Poem Hiding

She lays there, battered beyond recognition.
Her clothes are torn -- not really what she is.
She feels your eyes wander down her broken body
And you touch upon her shoulders. She cries,
"Go away. Please, turn the page, cover me up.
I don't want anyone to see me like this."
Abused Poem

Small and defenseless
it cries
when i grow up
I am going to be a big and
or maybe even a page
so I can hide
amongst the capitals
and fight back with
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