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2009-06-19 03:24:10
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This is a conversation wiki made to talk about Abortion

Express your opinions on the matter;
I understand that this is a hot-button issue/topic
So, I can understand heated discussions....
However, do you best to keep this civil

"I'm personally pro-choice when it comes to abortion; I feel that while some people deserve to be stuck with a child for being irresponsible, I also feel that children should not be forced to deal with a shitty childhood because of their parent's faults. In the case of Rape, I fully condone abortions -- I wouldn't want to be carrying the child of someone I did not love. Though I'd never have my own child aborted (hence why I became a father at 14), I believe that it's the right choice for some people"
-[Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]

That should get the ball rolling

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2009-06-19 [kurtis purgatory;;]: i'm on the same level as you when it comes to abortion. though slightly different.
stupid people, no offense to any stupid people watching, should be made to have abortions. the more stupid people in this world, the worse the quality of life is going to become.
though those two things aren't necessarily linked, there has been a rise in the number of people who don't understand what is what, and the education in the United States has gone so low it's almost hit rock bottom.

2009-06-19 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: I don't think that at all; two incredibly stupid people can have a GENIUS child. It's a matter of environment, and will ... in my opinion. Not as in, the environment provided by the parents, but in general ... just as two superbly intelligent people living in the ghetto, will more-than-likely have an stupid ass child.

2009-06-19 [kurtis purgatory;;]: true. i didn't take that into account.

2009-06-19 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: And at the same time; someone could have the potential to be amazingly intelligent, but be too lazy to apply themselves, therefore they'll remain uneducated.

2009-06-19 [kurtis purgatory;;]: i'm too lazy to apply myself, and yet i''m still intelligent.
the only reason that i ever failed any of my classes was because of the fact that i got bored too easily in class.

2009-06-19 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: Well, there are also different opinions as to what "smart" is. Take Parker (my sister's fiance) for instance, she cracks on him ALL the time, and call him stupid and puts him down ... he is intelligent, just not literate.

2009-06-19 [kurtis purgatory;;]: true.
i lose again.

2009-06-19 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: It's not a win-lose conversation. It's an expression of opinions; I just happen to be able to back myself up better. You learn how to do it when your Step-mom is a lawyer. :]

2009-06-19 [kurtis purgatory;;]: oh.
well i know it's not a win-lose conversation. it is after all a never-ending debate.
i just like to state that i've lost when i can't back myself up.

2009-06-27 [+Ross+]: As far as the whole abortion thing goes, if the parents or environment is unfit (i.e. still in high school, the mother's turning tricks to make a living, or they reside in squalor), or if it's going to endanger the mother's life, I'm all for it. I also agree with the rape scenario. If the mother feels that she cannot do the child any sort of justice in rearing it, it's better for everyone if she just nips it in the bud. That may be heartless, but it's just what I think.

2009-06-27 [Young Nik, The Atomic Bomb]: My idea is that; the child isn't even really living for the first three months -- the laws of abortion even dictate that it's murder if the child is killed after three months. >_< aha

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