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2010-05-28 [Legendary]: ok well hang on a sec i think we have a 4th person coming

2010-05-28 [Empty Sky]: Autumn is herrre! :D

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: ok this is the 4th person

Kitty and Michelle,please meet Autumn

2010-05-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: hey Autumn

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: autumn wishes to join the new battlefield

2010-05-28 [Empty Sky]: Halloo ^.^ I forbid Mr. Nick from retiring.

2010-05-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: cool ^^

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: lol wow im a MR now XD

2010-05-28 [Empty Sky]: Yesss WAIT! I know of said Michelle... Maxie got our descriptions all mixed up xD

2010-05-28 [Ritsuka-Kun]: lol XD just for the hell of it red light central lookin for members >.> 18 and up only :D

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: lol

2010-05-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: Yeah Silly did get our descriptions mixed up. OH and byt the way I loved the comment that you made about him....Butter XD So awesome! XD

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: XD

2010-05-28 [Empty Sky]: I came up with that all on my own, too. :D I was fairly proud of myself. xD

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: ok michelle if you will please show her to the wiki

2010-05-28 [Tis gone but never gone]: Awesome! XD And yeah I will. here is the link The BattleField

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: XD

2010-05-28 [Empty Sky]: I already found it xD

2010-05-28 [Legendary]: XD

2010-05-30 [Dead_Man_Walking]: hey?

2010-05-30 [Legendary]: hey

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