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2008-08-16 13:51:37
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Pansy Pot

Hey guys and gals [Icedragon] here, and I want to introduce you all to my little Pansy Pot of Pansy Pie :) Oh, and her sister Honey. Pansy is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, pure bred, and cost 500 quid, so you cant have her :P Take a look at these pics, be brutal :)

Sorry, not the best photographer, but here's Pansy and Honey all snug on the sofa :)

Pansy and Honey are sisters, so expect to them side by side :)
Here's Pansy lying next to a fluffy duck that quacks when you press it's beak, it freaks Honey out but Pansy here can take it :P
Yes, I have a pet dragon too, which also freaks Honey out, lol
Pansy sniffs it before getting her poor little nose burned off. Awww :(
Haha, You can add your own caption for this one, lol
To me, it looks like she's heard me say a bad word, which, erm, she perhaps did ;)
I had to make crazy cat noises to make her pose like that, Pansy is the one in the top left corner. Honey isnt very photogenic :(
Just to show you guys how much I spoilt my puppies :)
Pansy: "Haha Honey, its mine and you cant have it!"
Honey: "I'm not talking to you, and I'M the cutest"
Who do you think is cutest?
Yes, a good one of Honey, however, Pansy decides to look away, dastardly clever puppies
She is well and truely a little princess who always gets what she wants, I had to take the toy off Honey so I could take this shot :(

This is Honey when she was a puppy, she was soooo much cuter then than she is now, not to say she aint still cute, cos she is :P

And look at her now :) Honey puppy is all grown up, say hi Honey!

This is not what you are thinking! Honey and Pansy are just on their leads out in the open! Silly billys :P

Guess which one this is? No, it aint Pansy, its Honey at Pansy's age, boy, you can tell they are sisters!

AWWWWWW! Its baby Pansy! Like I said, they are pure bred dogs and bred by private clubs, using the same Mother and Father ^^

And finally, Its the Mother of my Puppies! lmao

/ [Icedragon]

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2008-07-18 [Amy ツ]: Aww, I want her :)

2008-07-19 [Hedda]: <img100*0:stuff/z/36198/Pansy%2520Pot/Pansy%20and%20honey.JPG> is a very nice shot! <img:dand-gif.gif>

2008-07-19 [Icedragon]: I personally think the last one is best :)

2008-07-19 [Amy ツ]: I personally think you should watch out. Otherwise, when you wake up tomorrow, they might have mysteriously disappeared :)

2008-08-02 [Amaranthine]: I love this breed of dog! The faces are SOOO cute!! I want to own one some day.

2008-08-16 [treact]: so cute!

2008-08-19 [theworm]: lol you may lose me to your pups lol jk :P ill always be yours ^^ :P

2008-08-27 [RainCloud]: awww, that makes me miss my Cav. he's blenheim too...

2008-12-08 [poopbucket]: both your dogs are photogenic
and cute. just not like mine though

2008-12-10 [RainCloud]: your dogs make me wish i had a dog...and then i remembered i have to watch my mom's dog when i get home (little maltese) and the feeling went far far away...

2008-12-16 [ShyVelvet]: They're so cute!!!

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