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2008-08-20 13:50:55
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Picture Wars!

Every picture that me and Holly ([theworm]) have hit each other with :P

Holly put my initials on all of her pictures, see if you can find them! All of Holly's are beautiful pictures and I owe her a bunch!
Holly: A girl flying through the heavens ^^

Me: I did this because "I DO" wanna be yours forever :)
Holly: Johny fries! ^^

Holly: A very charming and colourful paint drawing :)
Holly: Distance well and truely means nothing, I love you Holly xxx

Me: I drew this guess who is ment to be who?
Holly: A ducky!

Me: Mine and Holly's hands together forever
Holly: An exclusive protection banner, I feel as if I owe her and exclusive one now ^^
Me: I drew this portrait of her playing bluey the guitar
Me: She makes me smile, so I drew this ^^
Me: She is sooo cute, and so are pikachu's
Holly: Wow! Take a guess :P
Me: The picture that started it :P
Holly: It looks like a terminator to me ^^
Me: I feel like I owe her this :P
Holly: A robot, reminds me of WALL E, my favourite robot ^^
Holly: I love the colour and charm on this! ^^
Holly: The moons reflection ^^
Me: Our movie!
Holly: This one touched me ^^

Me: I needed a laugh, so I drew this XD
Holly: makes me look like a vandal but I still love it!

Me: I drew this cos Me + You = MEW, and I love mew! :P
A video of me playing the guitar for her ^^

Holly: A rather groovy yet eerie looking picture that holly drew :)

/ [Icedragon]

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2008-08-13 [theworm]: O.O lol its great ^^

2008-08-13 [ShanelleRenee]: Wow these pictures are reli good
n RELI RELI amazing
ur girlfriend n u have some reli good talent keep it up !!

2008-08-14 [Shelbyyy :)]: ooooo im totally diggin all of these master pieces! ^-^

&&& i so found your intials in all of her drawings. totally lovin it! lol

nice nice tootsie pops. :] :]

2008-08-14 [theworm]: hmmm does this mean i need to take a picture of my tummie with the words :"will you be with me forever?" now? lol im really shy when it comes to my tummy in real life lol :P

2008-08-19 [theworm]: whats eerie mean?

2008-08-19 [Icedragon]: Adams family :P

2008-08-19 [theworm]: oh sorry i can be a little dumb-founded at times.

2008-08-19 [Icedragon]: The adams family are cool anyway, so I still love it ^^

2008-11-07 [poopbucket]: i love the last one.

2009-03-04 [ShyVelvet]: u sa crazy!

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