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2009-01-09 18:44:36
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Some where over the Rainbow!

Ok so this page is all about the love. You can come out, just ask questions, cry if needed, tell me all you problems if you wish. All I ask is that you just be honest and sincere with what you say. I have waisted ALOT of my time talking to people who were fake and ya know I realy would like to have a meaningful conversation once and a while.

My comeing out

This is soon to come when I have more time to realy think about it and remember it to the fullest. I must say though it was not a bed of roses.


By: [~Get a taste of religion_Lick a witch~]

Darkness wraps around me
As I look into the day
Sadness now shrouds me
Another rainy stay
I speak the truth
Yet scorn I meet
I bow and I obey
But to myself
I hold still true
My rainbow faded gray
I lie to them yet again
And still my heart beats true
Acceptance I want
And I shall have
The red is shining through
Its courage it fills me
With strength I never had
The Orange is come too
Daring me to more
With boldness I never knew
The yellow comes to focus
Shining as I should
With a calm I never had
The green breaks through
Its earthy touch
With grounding I never knew
The blue now glows
Its nightly lull
With comfort I never had
And finally the Purple
Royal in every way
Commands to be heard
With Firmness I never knew
And through the darkness
I see my gray slowly fade away
The colors so Bright
So Daring
So Bold
Give me all my strength
No more do what I’m told!
To myself and to myself alone
Will I ever be true
So here I am
GAY in fact
To finally have said the truth to you.
Disbelieve or See
No more lies to be had
Just me

If you have an interesting comeing out to tell and would like to share I will be happy to post it on my page. Please do not put it in the comment box. Send it to me in a message from my page and if I can, I will post it. Please let me know if I can put your link on my page as well, under your story so that others can check out your page or if you would like it to be anonymous. I will rotate the postings as new ones come in so please no hateing if one stays up for a long time it is only because no one has sent me a new one.

I guess this is my closing. I hope every one has a safe and wonderfully

Gay Day!

 [~Get a taste of religion_Lick a witch~]

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2008-12-20 [Amaya.Kai.Kyouwa]: Hey Giro...well my coming out wasn't a walk in the park. I just wish my folks are more accepting, they are okay with everyone else being open and say parents should be accepting but when I told my mother and step-father, they gave me hell. My mother keeps saying how digusting it is and says I'm a shame to her abd my family. It hurts so bad and I wish that they could still see me as their daughter like they used to. Help me deal, I need support

2008-12-22 [~Get a taste of religion_Lick a witch~]: Ok so being honest, with your folks can be realy hard knowing that they are disapproving, when they are the ones you seek acceptance from the most and sometimes they are the hardest to not have support from. The only thing I can say is if you truely wish to live this life, then you must stand strong. Unfortunatly you have to stand on your own and let them know this is not a choice but who you are. Find some one you admire who has come out and gone through this process and talk to them. hang out with them see how much happier they are in their decision. Let this be your inspiration to stay strong. In time your parents will either pretend not to know or hopefuly will accept you for who you are, their wonderful daughter and not any different then who you were before you came out! Stay strong I know it can be hard but you can do it! I promise.

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