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1. I already know most people have not read The Dark Tower books so here is where you can go and ask [wolvie] questions about what your supposed to do The Dark Tower RPG also use this wiki for any chatting you want to have thankee-sai.

2. You do not have to have guns as your weapon, you can have whatever weapon you can think of, HOWEVER if you choose to be a gunslinger you must have at least one gun.

3. We will travel to different dimensions or worlds during the course of this RPG for example, some of it will take place in Roland's world and some of it will take place in "our" world at strategic times and places

4. There isn't any character who is invinsible, don't get all offended if you get shot or wouned in this RPG. ALSO you will not be a perfect gunslinger ((except for Roland he is the perfect gunslinger however he is also very uncaring towards others and will not hesitate to kill others to get to the tower)) when you start out, everybody will get better as time goes one, everyone makes mistakes.

5. Nobody is a saint, we all have something negative about us, I do require you to put your negative aspect in your description, thankee-sai.

6. Any and all sex must be underdeatailed or go here Behind the Tower

7. I have put alot of time and effort into this RPG please don't join then not RPG after a week of none RPGing your character and character information will be deleted.

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2009-06-29 [wolvie]: Angel shivers then pulls away gently and giggles

2009-06-29 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB looks at Angel and smiles. "Too much for u?"

2009-06-29 [wolvie]: Angel yawns and smiles back, "We just had sex babe"

2009-06-29 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB smiles. "And it was goooooooood"

[g2g now every1...ttyl...luv yall]

2009-06-29 [wolvie]: Angel giggles and nods


2009-06-30 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Ace nuzzles Hank.

2009-07-06 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB smiles and gently pulls Angels hair.

2009-07-06 [wolvie]: Hank nuzzles back

Angel giggles, "Wha?"

2009-07-06 [Ritsuka-Kun]: ace, "you ready to get revenge?"

2009-07-06 [wolvie]: Hank nods, "Oh yea"

2009-07-06 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Ace giggles.

2009-07-14 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB smiles and tugs Angel's hair again.

2009-07-14 [wolvie]: Hank smiles and kisses Ace lightly then heads over to where HB and Angel are

Angel jumps then giggles, "What?"

2009-07-14 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB smiles and shrugs. "Just like doin that"

2009-07-14 [wolvie]: Angel smiles back, "I see hey look people :D" she says and points at Hank and Ace

Hank smiles and hands HB a small vial, "Here I made this for you to show my forgiveness"

2009-07-14 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB takes the vial and looks at it. "Thanks" He puts it in his pocket.

2009-07-14 [wolvie]: Hank smiles then bows to Angel polietly before turning his attention back to HB, "Thankee-sai" he says, tapping his throat lightly in a sign of respect before walking off with Ace

Angel smiles, "That was nice"

2009-07-14 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB grunts. "Not exactly" He pulls the vial out of his pocket and slips it into some random humans drink. "It was a potion"

2009-07-14 [wolvie]: Angel frowns, "What makes you think that?"

2009-07-15 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Ace nuzzles Hank.

2009-07-24 [InLoveDontBothe r]: HB chuckles. "Very educated guess"

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