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2009-02-05 22:11:28
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The Debate Place

OKAY! This is going to be a place where people who like to fight and argue about random topics are able to fight and argue about random topics. The topics will be chosen/suggested by the public. The main topic is for the competition. If you do not wish to be a part of the competition, please go to The Arguing Room. Did i mention the winners get a prize?

This is not The debate area! This area is for suggesting topics. If you want to argue on the suggested topic, please go to The Main Debate Room. If you don't want to argue on the suggested topic and you still want to argue, you may go to The Arguing Room.

This is the scoring sheet. The scoring is done by 'scores' not 'points':

5 scores for every valid and reasonable point made.
10 scores everytime your team wins an argument.
15 scores if you change your opponents' minds.

Now for deductions:
-10 scores for hurling insults.

The Main Debate Room-Main Topic
The Poll Room-Poll Choosing The Main Topic
The Arguing room-For Random Outside Arguments
Insult Room-just for kicks

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2009-02-05 [Legendary]: ^__^

2009-02-05 [=Φ.Φ=]: You should add an insult room. I like insulting people.

2009-02-05 [Legendary]: lol

2009-02-05 [GlassCasket]: XD that would take away from the whole point...but okay!

2009-02-06 [wolvie]: sweet ^^

2009-02-06 [Legendary]: AWSOME DUDE

2009-02-06 [GlassCasket]: lol thanks much appreciated

2009-02-06 [Legendary]: ^__^

2009-02-06 [GlassCasket]: Could everyone who has not yet voted on a topic please vote? Thank you!

2009-02-06 [Legendary]: ^__^

2009-02-09 [Eccentrifuge]: Sold! I love the concept!

2009-02-09 [GlassCasket]: Thanks much appreciated

2009-03-09 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: what are we debating?

2009-03-10 [Sonya Blue]: i dunno...

2009-03-10 [GlassCasket]: ummm as soon as the poll tips one way or the other than we will know lol

2009-03-14 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: hehe

2009-03-14 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: how about abortion? that one can og on for a while. until you decide on one answer.

what time in the prossess does the baby become human?


2009-03-14 [GlassCasket]: i can put that one up next but for ight now we are going wit the christianity one it had the most votes so...ummm in the main debate room

2009-03-14 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: okay!

2009-03-14 [♥Eli-Annai♥]: God bless!

2009-03-14 [GlassCasket]: ^.^ thanks, you too

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