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deamon90002004 pics of self

hehe most recent pics with a shorter
me in a pair of shorts watching tv......oh well dont comment on this i know it's scary lol
i was bored and took a pic of me with a plectrum on my head
i woke up leant out of bed and picked up my phone then rolled over and my hair landed like i took a pic to see what i look like and here is the end product

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2006-11-27 [Dita Von Amy]: nice piccy

2006-11-27 [deamon90002004]: which one?

2006-12-07 [I kissed the sun and burnt my lips]: i like your 16th picccy!! its really cute =)

2006-12-07 [deamon90002004]: hehe thanks hun :)

2007-01-12 [CHACHA]: i love when you show your pretty eyes it sure does show the passion in them..

2007-01-12 [deamon90002004]: the passion of evilness?

2007-04-06 [hardcorehaylee]: ur pics are all hot

2007-07-13 [bsosos.xX]: hey babe! you are so sexy..

2007-07-13 [deamon90002004]: hehe thanks

2007-08-26 [Evil Ducky]: My Sexy Master ^-^

2007-08-31 [Sophia]: haha - thats the sorta thing I do with my plectrum too - hehehe

2007-09-10 [CHACHA]: oh course a passion of a evileyes lol

2007-11-23 [.CuntNugget.]: Pictures five, six and seventeen are my personal favourites :]. Wow. eyes. Nice :]

2008-03-08 [kinky biatch]: i love your pics

2008-03-19 [itweetinHEELS]: awww how cute.

2008-06-11 [Boo Bear]: Very sexy lol =]

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