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  12/22/2006                                                   Perfect Match

Roses are red violet's are blue there is noone on this planet that can stop me from loveing you,Your eye's are the light that give's me the power to do right, Your hair is as black as the night that can give some people a fright,To me you are perfect despite what other's may think or say for you are my day, You are my perfect angel as I am your perfect devil, We together are the perfect match of oppasites, As we are the same in some aspect's of life, We are as inconstant as the wind, We bend and yeild when we must but as the wind can be calm and peaceful at time's and strong and forceful at other time's we are good & bad like all thing's in life, For we may love some we are also capable hate, So we together are a perfect match!


Being alone is not as fun as being with the one whome your heart,body and soul call's out to, butcan hurt when you see the one you love walking with another person and not you, so hope for the best but it may never come for me, i'm cursed with being alone for the rest of my pathetic existaunce, as you can planley see, I wish you and I could be together till the end of time, then I would know to what "True Happyness" is.

                        (Truth in the eye of the beholder)

When I look in your eye's I see happieness,love,compasion,peace,contemptment all hiding behind fear,pain and sorrow, I wish you could wipe your mind of all that makes you suffer so much, If you only new how much my heart ackes so when I see you suffer, I wish I could hold you in my arm's and protect you for all time, When your happy I feel as if nothing could ever go wrong but when your sad I feel as though I didn't protect you enough and I want to suffer for my transgretion's, In allowing you to get hurt and believe it's my fault your hurt and suffering and wish I could take all your pain into myself and never allow you to feel any form of pain,harm,fear or suffering, so you could know true happieness!

                 [I shal alway's protect you]

If only you new how much my heart ackes when your not around, I wish you and I could be together even after the end of time, so you and I could know true happieness, the time will come when I will be able to speak these word's to you, but for now I shal suffer with only being able to see you from time to time, but when you embrace me with open arms for that brief moment I feel absalute peace and wish that feeling shal never end, for when your in my arms I shal never allow any harm,pain or any other bad thing to happen to you, when I walk with you and someone tries to hurt you I would ask you to turn and look away for I never want to show anger in your precence.


Tis for thoa love that thine tis a man
For without thoa love twould be nothing but a mere shadow
Thoa love giveth me wing's
For tis thoa heart that maketh thine sing
Twas once inveloped by the dark
Shadowed like a tree's bark
Thoa shined thine light
Into the dark
Twas like a glimore of hope
Like a shineing golden rope
Wich gaveth thine power
Like the sun to a flower
Thine now see what mayest be
For thoa is like the dove
pure and full of love
Tis no more thine shadow once was
Now and forever tis shal be what thine shal see.

  (Poem or Spell? you be the judge)

I see what is to be,
Though I doth not know how thyne ancient knolage continues to flow,
With thyne eye's closed usunder thyne knolage continues to grow like thoa clap of thunder,
Here doth thyne lay awaiting thyne fateful day,
Tis not thyne nature but mayest be thyne way,
For not of thee thyne power and knolage grow's by three,
So doth thyne ancient way continue even in thyne present day doth thoa say,
As thyne river's,rain and time continue to flow,
So mayest thyne power,spirit and knolage continue to grow, Blessed be thyne nature blessed be thyne way as is written so shal it stay,

Walking our Path's

We as human's worry not of thine past we fear the future for not to be last,
Hear my word's and see my way none have to worry you need not pay,
Take what path you choose need not worry you can't lose,
I have chosen my path and fear not of another's wrath,
I am me and can see what is to be,
As our world's do collide we of a fraction of nature do go along for the ride,
As we are hated by some we are also loved by other's as we walk along side our sister's and brother's,
Blessed be thine nature Blessed be thou way as is written so shal our path's we tread stay!


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2007-05-06 [mutter]: your poems are very good

2007-05-06 [fucking off now]: heh yer his are ent they but my songs are shit heh i know that hehe

2007-05-06 [dragonus]: your song's are beautiful to why else you think there in here my love with the poem's I like all your song's

2007-07-31 [Hereby Deleted]: its a poem but i think its written in old english to give it further enhancement to the past so that the present can live and then lead to the future! these are all very good... you like to write in old english don't you? for further reference "thoa" is spelt "Thou" and "thyne" is spelt "thine"

2007-08-24 [Hereby Deleted]: thats really good... spelling error... Wurry should be worry! but other than that thats really good

2007-10-22 [CHACHA]: oh my god the poet seem with tears out of my soul in my eyes i couldn't believe of the mount of tach that you have seem to this anymore. i love it matter what. its how you are thinking of and what is in with ya

2007-10-22 [dragonus]: Thank you :~)

2007-10-22 [CHACHA]: your welcome

2016-07-26 [dragonus]: Wow, it's been years since I've been on here and I must say. Though my words were very deep with emotion, they completely sucked. Honestly I am so much better at writing poetry now than I was back then. You should check some of my new work out, that I have on facebook under the sn "Chris Glines" or my mocospace under the sn immortal-soul but since I can't access that one, my newer sn on mocospace is Hanyo.

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