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Say my name

When my tears begin to fall
And you're name I start to call
And I feel I've lost it all
Say my name
When my wings both are torn
When I lay here all forlorn
When my masks have all been worn
Say my name
When my world falls in on me
And you're the only thing I see
When there's nothing left to be
Say my name
When you see me start to smile
When I've had to run a mile
When you've given me a while
Say my name
When you’ve listened to my song
When I’ve told you I was wrong
And you’ve held me all night long
Say my name
And it’ll be alright again
We’ll go walking in the rain
Things will never be the same…
Just say my name…

Bum Fluff

Bum fluff

It’s the stuff that’s found
Between you’re ears
Where a brain was
In you’re early years

Bum fluff

It’s like the stuff
That’s in you’re belly
Button at the end
Of the day – but smelly

Bum fluff

Between you’re ears
Between you’re cheeks

Bum fluff
- The stuff of dreams
[hehe random!]

Jump the broom

Rings; and rings of people
Stood round us, watching,
Hoping, needing
Something special to happen.

I’m struck dumb by their expectance

Nothing seems enough,
And yet, I suppose
I have to try -
Try my best;

Still I’m stuck, holding my breath

Then he smiles, and I forget
The hundred people or so
Come to watch us make
The biggest mistake of our lives…

… Or the most happy decision.

And suddenly, it’s all over;
And all that’s left is
Fizzing happiness and
A party to enjoy.


I’m scarred inside
Where no one else can see
I’ve tried to hide
It, buried so deep.
I’ve laughed away
My heartache and my pain
And I’ve tried to stay
Awake and feel no shame

But my dreams
Still haunt me
Yes my dreams
They taunt me
They show me things
I can’t forget at night
They make me feel
Like nothing will be right
‘Cause inside I cry

I weep and feel alone
But outside I lie -
Won’t let my weakness be shown.

There’re some things that I’ve told you
There’re some things that I’ve hid
Some of them were done to me
Some of them I did.
Sometimes I lie about stuff
Like how I feel ‘bout you
I say the things you want to hear
Not the things I want to do

Pretended all these years
That I was doing fine
That nothing bothered me
And that my life was mine

Laughed away my fears, my pain
Hid in cloaks of smiles
It is driving me insane
It’s growing in such piles

And my dreams
Still haunt me
Yes my dreams
They taunt me
With the things I’m scared of
The thing that scarred me – love.


- Smile – because it’s happy,
It makes you glow,
And shine

- Smile again;
Worth while as it is to frown, smiling
Makes you’re eyes crinkle
And hides
The wrinkles.

- Smile
    You know you want to

- Laugh,
It’s the sound of a smile
(For the benefit of the blind)

- Be happy;
If only once each day
Those moments will comfort you
When the smiles have faded,
Lost their shine and gilded

- Look back on good times
So as to look forwards
To more.

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2006-10-25 [Sophia]: So these are a few of my poems. Hope you like them.

If you want some more, check out
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