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2009-07-02 21:39:07
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so I got bored :D so welcome to mai new rpg for like when your bored and stuff :D yeah it's lame i know -,- don't make fun of it fuckers >.<
:D wolvie loves you and wants you to join :D

OOOOH for everyone who joins I will give ya'll a colpoint :D

k teh most important rule :D any and all sex must go here teh not so boring sex XD

so yeah it's like fill out your info with this format bastards!

Weapon Choice:


Username: [wolvie]
Name: David Drayton
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon Choice: Whatever he can get his hands on
Race: Human
Personality: He is a very nice guy but he is sometimes too overprotective of his son Billy, He paints movie posters and murals and stuff ^^, He lost his wife to cancer and is kind of afraid to get too close to people since it, he still wears his wedding ring to remind him of what he lost

<img:>[Pic for both of mai characters ^^]

Username: [wolvie]
Name: Billy Drayton
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Sexuality: He doesn't have one yet
Weapon choice: none
Race: Human
Personality: He's very bouncy and loves to have fun, sometimes a little too friendly and is very dependent on his daddy

Username: [wolvie]
Name: Logan/Wolverine
Gender: Male
Age: 173
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon choice: His bone claws
Race: Mutant
Personality: he seems very cold and uncaring at first but once he warms up to you you see that he is a very caring and loving person. He can be extremely overprotective over the ones he loves and he can be very mean and harsh around people he feels to be "competition" also he can heal almost instantly from virtually any wound and he is extremly claustrophobic and freaks out majorly whenever he's contained


Username: [wolvie]
Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight :D
Weapon Choice: he can turn into a wolf at will so his claws and teeth
Race: Mutant
Personality: A very very very flirtatious man :D he loves to be with woman and tries to flirt with everything he sees XD
but he is a very kind and caring person ^^
<img:> <---Human form :D
<img:> <---Wolf form :D

Username: [wolvie] [last character I promise ^^]
Name: Beethoven as dubbed by billeh and lara ^^
Gender: Male
Age: 6 weeks
Sexuality: errrrrr woof :D
Weapon Choice: his teeth and claws and cuteness rawr :D
Race: St. Bernard doggeh
Personality: a typical puppy he loves to play and have fun, he was abandoned and is looking for someone to take him in and love him ^^
<img:> <---I know it's not a puppy pic so sue me >.<
and yes I did watch beethoven recently how could you tell? XD

Name:Nick(Heatra) Kasshu
Weapon Choice:Sword known as Bonriyu
Personality:layed back but very protective of friends family ect.

Username: [NyxianVanity]
name: Yue Nomo
gender: female
sexuality: straight
weapon choice: any asian made weapon, katana, senbon, etc.
Race: japanese oni
personality: standoffish, basically a bitch. XD will only do things if it benefits her and screw anyone who gets in her way.

Username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Name: Angelique aka Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon Choice: whatever she can get her hands on
Race: Human
Personality: she's kind and caring always willing to help someone when need be, very patient seeing as she's a single mother of three

Username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Name: Lara[top baby] & Terrance[bottom baby] & Krista [middle baby]
Gender: Lara and Krista are girls while terrance is a boy
Age: Lara is 5 terrance is 1 and krista is 3
Sexuality: too young to know that
Weapon Choice: their epic cutness
Race: Human
Personality: all very sweet and loving kids, always looking to make new friends

<img:> [ignore logan in teh pic for a note -,- pervy logan XD]
Username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Name: Rogue aka Anne Marie, hates being called anne marie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Weapon Choice: her power which is draining someone's life and if they're a mutant their power and creates a copy for herself her body can adapt to different mutants powers
Race: Mutant
Personality: she's pretty cold and distant, doesnt like getting close to people, is usually a bitch but once you can get past her defenses she's a real sweet girl who'll always be there for you she is having a tough time deciding if she wants to be on the good side or evil so she switches between the x-men and the brotherhood

Username: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Name: dubbed roxy by logan
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Sexuality: straight
Weapon Choice: her teeth and claws
Race: wolf pup
Personality: she's very loyal though her pack kicked her out she's always looking for someone to care for her. though she doesnt let people know that she can talk and has epic facial expressions XD

Username:[Fallen Child Athena]
Name: Kena
Gender: female
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight^^
Weapon Choice: no weapons.
Race: Human who can shift to wolf?
Personality: Kena is a peace loveing human, who is shy and kind. Somehow in one of the nights she shifted to wolf >.> Though we havent any idea why or how.
<img:> (Humman)


Username:[¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]
Name:Kiku Souzen
Weapon Choice:Death Chain's and Reaper Blade
Race:Demon Fox
Personality:she can sometimes be an "jerk" and "heartless" but once and a great while she'll be nice...he can transform in a demon Fox
HUman form--><img:>
Fox Form--><img:>

Username: [WASHACKED]
Name: Maximus
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexuality: straight
Weapon Choice: him fighting as a wolf
Race: Lycan
Personality: shy, and doesn't like to talk much but thinks actions speack louder than words.
In wolf form:

Username (or number or email):


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2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Angel giggles, "oh its not that bad"

2009-07-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: Kena falls over.

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Blly, "It's horrible daddy, it's spelling you know how I hate spelling"

David smiles, "That is horrible"

James smiles, "Love ya"

2009-07-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: "Love ya^^"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Angel rolls her eyes and sits down between Lara and Billy, "well do either of you guys need my help?"

Lara nods pointing at a math problem.

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy points at a tricky word he can't figure out how to spell

David watches Angel and smiles softly

James kisses her, "How ya doin?"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Lara, "thank you mommy"

Angel smiles and helps billy with the tricky word.

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy smiles back, "Ooooh ok" he says, "Thanks mom"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Angel nods, "welcome guys im here if ya need anymore help"

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: David nods, "Me two kids"

Billy nods

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Angel smiles and gets up going into the kitchen makin chocolate milk.

Lara looks up, "ooh mommy is makin her awesome chocolate milk"

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy, "Chocolate milk?"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Lara, "yea chocolate've never had it?"

2009-07-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: Kena giggles. "Im good^^"

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy smiles, "Not your awesome chocloate milk"

James smiles, "Good"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Lara smiles back, "yea its awesome she adds a little more to make it extra chocolately"

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy, "Sounds awesome"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Lara nods.

Angel sets two glasses down of chocolate milk, "There ya go you two"

2009-07-10 [wolvie]: Billy smiles, "Thank you mommy"

2009-07-10 [Ritsuka-Kun]: Angel smiles back, "welcome billy"

2009-07-20 [Fallen Child Athena]: Kena glomped James.

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