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The Spirit World



Owner: [wolvie]
Co-Owner I: [Ritsuka-Kun]
Co-Owner II:
Co-Owner III:

If you want to be a co-owner just message and ask me you will be granted to be one co-owener's responsibilities include helping to make the rpg as good as possible, they can help come up with new ideas for possible story lines, come up with rules or help with making this as good looking as possible :)
Note: I will only have a max of III co-owners the positions are first come first serve however if you still have ideas let me know :)


The Story Line
(sorry I really suck at making these story lines but go with it :D)

Do you believe in Spirits? In life after death? if not your going to...In this day and age people scoff at the idea of spirits. Some people can see spirits and use them for their own gain, some try and help the spirits to 'move on' and other people try and use the spirits for malicious intent...

Your character must fall into one of the following categories

Psychic: Someone who can see and freely communicate with the spirits, some of the Psychic's use the spirits for good but some for bad...

Spirits: Someone who has died and not yet moved onto go to heaven or to hell, usually Spirits stay behind because they have unfinished business and in very rare occasions spirits can come back to life

Normal: Someone who can't see nor sense spirits


The Rules

1. The actual role-playing WILL NOT take place in this wiki, this wiki is for chatting and discussing the RPG I shall soon make a separate RPG where the actual role-playing shall take place

2. No Racist/Sexist terms, swearing is fine but please try to keep it to a minimum

3. You can be anyone you want to be whether made up or based on a movie/book/tv show whatever with a maximum of 3 pics to describe your character

4. This is meant to be a fun place lets try and keep it that way which means bashing anyone in the RPG or this chatting area will not be accepted

5. Invite friends I want this RPG to be as bit as possible

6. If either [wolvie] or any of the co-owners tell you to stop doing something stop it or you shall be kicked out of the wiki

7. Relationships are fine HOWEVER noone falls in love instantly you have to let relationships build up over time just like in real life!

8. Any and all sex must be kept in a separate wiki which will be added soon

9. The RPG are is not a chat wiki please post questions/comments on this RPG thank you


The Spirit World RPG Area <---The RPG area where the RPG will take place

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2010-02-22 [wolvie]: omg *splodes from joy :D*

2010-02-22 [Zenolia Rose]: I'll join once im at home >.<
Im in school.

2010-02-22 [wolvie]: ooooh tay :D

2010-02-22 [Zenolia Rose]: ^^

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: hmmmmmmm -debates-

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: join >.<

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: i ish debatings

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: JOIN! i joined yours >.<

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: this ish true but right now im not on as frequentlly V.V so im not too keen on replying

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: so?

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: V.V next 2 months it shall be hard to reply

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: i went 5 months with no puter @_@

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: @@.@@ and you was mished

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: so you should join right kitteh?

2010-02-27 [Ritsuka-Kun]: right :D

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: :D

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: see so you must join :D

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: hmmm perhaps laters tho cause i has to go now

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: jerk >.<

2010-02-27 [Legendary]: V.V me sorries

2010-02-27 [wolvie]: ......i forgives ya....maybe but only if you join :D

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