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timmyts best friends

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/ [timmyT]
that pik is somthing i made 4 beth

<img500*0:stuff/aj/44054/1293169030.jpg> [hinata hyuuga (kimiko)] your a good friend. ^_^ and i know how much ya like southpark. figured you would like this pici created off of that south park character creation website. ^_^ <3

<img:stuff/aj/44054/1293226858.jpg> and here is the second. it's more like me and not demonic. hope ya like this one as well. ^_^ ♥♥♥

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2007-10-11 [timmyT]: WHATS UP

2007-11-01 [Baby_Girl07]: hey good lookin is it okay if i put something i made for u on here??

2007-11-01 [timmyT]: ok thanks

2007-12-05 [timmyT]: wen is sum 1 guna show up

2007-12-26 [Baby_Girl07]: hey baby i love u soo much

2007-12-26 [timmyT]: i love u 2

2007-12-26 [Baby_Girl07]: :)

2008-01-07 [Baby_Girl07]: baby u should make a wiki for just me n u

2008-01-07 [timmyT]: ok but its a pain in the ass

2008-01-07 [Baby_Girl07]: well i would do it but i dont kno how?

2008-01-08 [timmyT]: o ok ill werk on it

2008-01-08 [Baby_Girl07]: alright i love u baby

2008-01-11 [timmyT]: I LOVE U 2

2008-01-11 [Baby_Girl07]: :) i kno

2008-01-11 [timmyT]: i did it i love u baby

2008-01-13 [Baby_Girl07]: alright baby i love u more

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