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The people of the night are not known of. They remain in darkness. What would happen if they're discovered?

-You can be anything you want,
-Cursing is fine, even if you wanna call someone a donkeyfuckingdickmuncher *cough*Kait*cough*
-Use common sense
-If you must, sex goes here ---------> O.O nightlife enclosed
-Oh, and keep it interesting :)

Character Format: (because copy&paste is so much easier^^)
Ep Name:
Sexual preference:

Ep name: [BloodRose]
Name:Autumn Sparrow
Sexual preference:Men
Abilities/weapons:Mind reading/control,
Personality:sometimes shy, can have a temper, caring, and nice
History:Just moved into town, had a rocky childhood, came from England

Ep Name:[Silverline]
Sexual preference:Males
Abilities/weapons:Glamour (fae magic that makes thing appear differently), controlling people with her voice if she chooses
Personality:Extremely shy. Likes to observe people
History:Doesn't remember her childhood, (more later)
Pic/Appearance:Changing eye colour, pale blond hair. Hides her wings and ears with glamour, has scars on her hands, arms and back from being tortured with iron.

Name:Connor but he goes by Lenny.
Sexual preference:Unsure
Abilities/weapons:Can't fight much, hates weapons. But he's one of the most talented and practiced fairies with his glamour.
Personality:A bit timid most of the time, scares easily, seems a bit like a little kid. Has been prone to some strange behavior and most would describe him as odd, even going as far as to declare him autistic.
History:He's uncertain about his past, ((Or perhaps I am, um, more later))

Ep Name: [the unseen artist]
Name: Machy Roseheart
Age: 19
Gender: male
Race: Angel (his wings appear when he wants)
Sexual preference:female
Abilities/weapons: Able to use the wind. fly.
cross around his neck becomes a sword, dagger, or spear.
Personality: Quiet, observant, he speaks only when spoken to.
History: he was once a high ranked angel but was cast out
do to the mark on his right arm, 669, one of the unholy numbers.

Name: Max
Age: 19
Sexual preference: females
Abilities/weapons: he fights as a wolf
Personality: hes a little quite about his past but is out going and protive
History: He doesnt like to talk about it so I shall not say
pic coming

Name:Branwen, but goes by Abby
Race: a turned mortal
Sexual preference:bi
Abilities/weapons:healing magic
Personality: Quiet, protective, artistic
History: The girl from the meadow's name is Branwen, but she goes by Abby in the human world,
She was an angel, assigned to the meadow where those who were given a chance by "god" or "the universe" to chose life or death. An angel assigned to the meadow would have to make a sacrifice to save someone who ended up in the meadow and wasn't strong enough to chose oon their own. When she gave Lenny his choice, he though she died, but she really turned mortal
Pic/Appearance:She has brown hair and white eyes

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2009-10-29 [BloodRose]: Autumn turned around "Hmm?"

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "what is wrong" machy huged hher

2009-10-29 [BloodRose]: "Nothing. Just thinking."

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "plz tell me your thoughts" machy kissed autumn's cheek

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby sat on the couch

2009-10-29 [BloodRose]: Autumn shook her head, "Its nothing. Let's go in the living room

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: Machy kissed her before turning to head that way

2009-10-29 [BloodRose]: Autumn smiled and took his hand

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: Machy lead her back into the living room. "abby, would you like to have wings again?"

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby looked at him and sighed, "I can't I gave them away."

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: machy looked at her as he lowered himself to his knees. "but abby, you can. its a forbidden act already out of favor."

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby frouned, and looked at him, "But you can?"

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "i can give you wings. and still have mine." he reached in his coat and produced a small black box

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby raised an eyebrow

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: machy smiled and opened it, revealing 4 golden feathers.

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby looked at it with a raised eyebrow

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "this are the feathers of light. they can create wings when inplanted straight into the back." machy looked at abby

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby shook a bit looking at him shocked

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "it takes 2 of these... but yet it will be painful." machy closed his eyes*

2009-10-29 [WASHACKED]: Abby frowned and bit her lip

2009-10-29 [the unseen artist]: "the choice is yours." machy closed the box and moved back to autumn

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