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Written about Saturday 2006-05-27
Written: (4831 days ago)

my friends are pissing me off lately!!! they r mad at me bc they found out that i smoked in the woods like twice...but i guess they r like under the impression that i'm addicted. i bet they dont even know how much i had, and i only had like half a cig and they think that wut i did was SOOO horrible. well they can go suck on an ass and get the fuck over it! bc i'm gonna do wutever the hell i wanna do, if they dont like it OH-THE-FUCK-WELL!!!, and BTW if anyone is curious I'M NOT ADDICTED I ONLY SMOKE EVERY NOW AND THEN [AND ITS NOT EVEN A WHOLE FUCKING CIGGARETTE!!!!]
we can still be cool friends and all, but they really should get their own fucking life and stay the hell out of mines!!! they r sooo annoying, they really need to realize this and take a pill and calm the fuck down! they r acting like i did pot or sumthin, if i did they have the right to beat me up! BUT NO! they have to freak out over half a fucking ciggarette! GET THE FUCK OVER IT, NOBODY DIED!

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Written about Sunday 2006-03-05
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this is for all my friends who want me to protect their house....so YAY!!!...

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