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Written about Tuesday 2007-08-07
Written: (4683 days ago)

TOday was going fine untell my ex mike talked to me...God i miss his body by mine. He thinks of killing himself cuz of what he did. I dont want him to. I still love him to death but him moving alot is screwing me up and idk how long i can take it. I wish i could forget him but then a gain i dont want to....idk im so sad and depresed to think

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Written about Sunday 2006-06-25
Written: (5090 days ago)

damn i havent been one here for a long tinme

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Written about Saturday 2006-05-13
Written: (5133 days ago)

well yesterday (party day) was very not cool. my friends hot hot brother came into my house and we watched a show for a while then we went to the party, o my god he is sooooo cute. o ya while we were waiting out side th bouwling ally, me and arioni call the boy who ally likes and we talked to him for a lil bit, gage was sooooooooo DAMN SEXY!!! i want to get to know him so much more but when in near him i get all shaky!! RARRRRR!!! i his friend and sort of my friend shawn was therer too, and he is hot too but i dont have trouble talking to him. o ya so is ryan, he is a hotty too. o what the fuck almost evry boy that was standing out side with us girls were hot.

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Written about Saturday 2006-05-13
Written: (5133 days ago)

OMG!!! ok i went to a party at a bowling ally and me and other ppl waited for 2 hours to get in and it didnt even open. and babys hot friends gage and shawn came and did stupid stuff and so the cops stoped and seen what was going on. my mama wasent to happy abotu last night at all.

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-11
Written: (5136 days ago)

OMFG!!!! my baby (stuart, one of my best friends since like we were lil kids) got his long black hair BUZZED!! now he looks weird, like a different stuart. i miss his long hair :( ppl think he doesnt look hot any more but even though he looks different he is still hot too me. baby didnt want his hair buzzed but his brother did it to him, damn u willie!!! but his hair grows fast so i cant wait tell it is long again

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Written about Saturday 2006-04-15
Written: (5162 days ago)

well i dont know what to do i love wes but i love stuart more. i think wes still knows that i still love stuart so for i wont hurt him know more ill break up with wes. i dont want to but i dont want to hurt him any more. i know breaking up with him is going to tare him to peices but i wou ld think he would get over it. he hasnt ben talking to me very much anyway so he might be mad at me. i dont know. ill tell you what im doing some time later about this so cya.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-04-12
Written: (5165 days ago)

STUART DEMOSS IS SO FUKEN SEXY!! I cant get him off my mine. i know im going out with his friend but i cant make myself get my mind off of stuart. dont get me rong i love wes but i love stuart more, he knows i like him but he dosent like me that way. we are just good friends he said and thats all he want to be for right now. but he is sooooooooooo sexy!!!

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Written about Thursday 2006-04-06
Written: (5170 days ago)

today was alright i guess. stuart talked to me alot and wouldnt shut up. charly was being stupid again but still cute. christie and me were hanging out side of the shcool when charels came up. i feel so srry for him, not many girl like him. so christie and i put our arms aroung him and walked him to the bus. i got an email from one of my friends and they are coming over but he also email my x friend and so now he has to come too. i hate it!!!

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Written about Sunday 2006-04-02
Written: (5175 days ago)

well i think i like this better than elftown, you can do anything and not get in trouble.

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