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Written about Tuesday 2009-01-06
Written: (5528 days ago)

Splintered piece of glass falls in the seat and
gets caught. These broken windows, open locks,
reminders of youth we lost. In trying so hard to
look away from you. We followed white lines to
the sunset. I crash my car everyday the same way.
The time to let this pass (the time it takes,the
time to let go). Time runs through our veins,(it
starts and stops and starts and stops again). We
don't stand a chance at this threadbare time(to
take time to break the cycle). Staring at the
setting sun,no reason to come back again. The
twilight world in blue and white, the needle and
the damage done. I don't want to feel this way
forever: a dead letter marked return to sender.
The broken watch you give me turns into a
compass, its two hands still point to the same
time-12:03 out last goodbye. So push the seats
back a little further,roll the windows down and
take a breath. I can see the headlights coming,
they paint the world in red and broken glass. The
spinning hubcaps set the tempo for the music of a
broken window. When the lights are on and the
cameras click, we open up the lens to broken
glass and it's over in a flash. I'll never
understand, understanding in a car crash.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-17
Written: (5548 days ago)

Shouting in the darkness. Voices gone unheard. Frozen faces motionless never spoke a word. Within sorrows arms we quickly fell together. As the seasons change, this is changing weather. In a tomb of secrets there is nothing to hide. So take away this sacred heart with all the pain inside.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-17
Written: (5548 days ago)

A gangrene infection oozes from the open veins.
No independent thoughts occuring in the old and tarnished brains.
Many frigid bodies are piled in this obscurity.
Here lies a large variety of decaying human beings.
Forgotten and lost, you paid the cost with the price of your life.
Such putrid stench lingeres on that tragic canyonside.

Stare in dissolution.
Still in exageration with deep down devastation.
Secluded in a state of sullen desperation.

Malignant memories lying there diseased.
Sorting through this wall of faces surrounding me.
But the souls just go on wasting with no such decency.
The disembowled ones show it off so easily!
I look out to the sky crashing with the tide.
Waiting for the smash and to finally say goodbye.

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Written about Monday 2008-09-22
Written: (5634 days ago)

We enter the depths of the darkened shadowed halls
Lead by soothing voices, the distant spirits call
Like the wave of fire from the blowing autumn leaves
A wave of chilling darkness quickly rushes over me
Lying on a frozen tomb with a trancendental shroud
Eyes sense something moving in the black and purple clouds
Open eyes to see the weather patterns form. Staring at the sky
The blazing firestorm

Calling to the rain to clense our restless soul
Taken to the sky through a glowing open hole
Meeting lucent fugres eminating light
Faceless in the darkness
Faces made of light
Deep voices from inside speak out from within
In the sea of endless darkness a phantasm begins
In a quiet place so close, but so very far away
Hear the voices tremble as the static fades away

Unveiled imagrey with surreal transparency
Look into the mirrors through everyone we see
This surreal catharsis happening to you and me
unfolds the book of empty pages with total clarity

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Written about Monday 2008-09-22
Written: (5634 days ago)

Sending shivers right down your spine
It's something that you're prone to so divine
You were better at lies, I was never surprised
at the way that it felt
Now feel the blade, I was always insane
but you're the one that needs help

Quick! We have the ransom
Tell me how that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs
Below! There's no more chances
So tell me now that you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs

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Written about Tuesday 2008-09-02
Written: (5653 days ago)

I can't seem to believe that you ever cared for me
...this conversation is over...
your empty words now drift away as fragile whispers
I saw the day when the fire left your eyes, your tongue fell still
your treason is silence...
take everything away from me silent angel
leave me nothing to remind me of this time now lost

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-31
Written: (5656 days ago)

beautiful whispers leave one so fair
chain these hands of ageless struggle
rid us of this beloved curse
an epic tale of deceit is given life once more on silver lips so spiteful
her tongue screams for him
rid us of this curse

suffering unseen now will be left to burn in her stare
but he no longer fights the torture of her voice
so long forgotten, I am lost in her stare
now made so clear as she extracts her painful toll
a soul now echoes with the torture of the sirens
...he is hers...


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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-23
Written: (5695 days ago)

"Reflections of A Soul Trough Shattered Glass"

[Verse 1]
Without you im nobody
just scattered pieces of a broken mirror that reflects
nothing of the soul that was once a man
it hurts worse when i pretend i dont feel any pain
please come back to me
i swear i'll make things the same

One last time, i lie to myself
drowning in thoughts of you
dying breath by breath
praying that this whole in my chest
will heal

[Verse 2]
when i dream it brings me closer to you
but sleepless nights have brought bitter heartache
i pray for the clouds to swallow me
i drop to my knees as black tears trace my face
and i scream your name
but these empty walls give no response

[chorus repeat]

[Verse 3]
you were all i had
and now that your gone my life is on the line
it just depends on to whom the ball gets tossed
but without you it seems this game of love has been lost

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