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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-27
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A dying characteristic?? Is it dead??

What is chivalry? It is bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry towards women.  Is chivalry dying?

In today’s world we associate the word “chivalry” with the way we behave towards women. Chivalrous also means being a gentlemen.  A chivalrous man is a man who is courteous and makes his woman feel like a lady. It is a duty and respect towards women.

Why should we respect women? Well, the answer is obvious, we should all respect each other.  A lady will always be a lady.. despite that women these days are as capable or more than capable in performing like men (ie. Work, school, physical, leadership, responsibilities)… 

Men will always be men… (you know locker room behaviors, wondering eyes, etc.) 

This note is for the gentlemen as a reminder to always be a gentlemen.. and for the ladies to understand this is how a man should act.. and how a woman should be treated.. (in return I would like to know your view on how a man should be treated)..

My personal experiences:

Simple gestures come a long way… and will make her day/night…

Offering your jacket when it’s cold… When it’s raining put her under the umbrella.. If your in new york.. sometimes it may hurt your pocket, but park in a lot close to your destination.. or use valet parking… Make her comfortable is the key.

I remember my drill instructor always tell me to walk on the outside of the sidewalk. It shows that your protecting her from the dangers of the street. It also shows that you care for her and in some cultures, they believe if you let the woman walk on the outside of the sidewalk your giving her away.. she’s your woman.. show it..

Picking her up is a kind gesture… Now for my new yorker’s out there where subways and taxi’s are the way around.. meet with her, then take a cab or the subway together rather than meeting at your final destination.

when you drop her off.. it is kind to make sure she makes it inside her door. For instance, if your dropping her off in front of her house, don’t just drive away.. make sure she walks inside her door.. the reason is, maybe she forgot her keys or shes locked out.. at least you will be there to keep her company...

Another kind gesture is to maybe get out of your car and walk her to her door, elevator, etc.. Make her feel important.. it shows respect and concern for her safety.  Most important.. give a hug, kiss, handshake.. Whatever gesture in appreciation for a good (or bad) day/night.

When you run into people when on a date or just casually strolling around.. it is polite to introduce her.. You don’t have to say girlfriend or date if she isn’t.. you can say hello so and so, I would like you to meet “Michelle” and so on.. here you wont make her feel left out.. and could spark interesting short conversations…

lastly.. it’s the obvious hold the door.. pull her chair.. offer to take her coat… cmon… it shows class, and if she denies it and says “I got it” at least you offered.. she will still appreciate your gesture…

In conclusion, I am not guaranteeing that every woman will appreciate chivalry.. it is 2009 not 1709.. But I believe chivalry is NOT dead, there isn’t many men who practice it.. taught it.. or aware of it.. therefore.. my note to you gentlemen… respect your woman.. be chivalrous.. in return you become more charming that way… Like the old saying goes, “treat people how you want to be treated.”

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Written about Monday 2009-05-04
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So I am worried about being able to stay in my new school, It is my last chance to graduate and to become a US Marine. I need to talk to the dean tomorrow. Tell him something like, "Is there a way I can get a waver from the marines to take books home to be able to complete them faster so I can leave before a set date." I need him to know I want to change and make a better life for myself. But with that, I also need to know no more fooling around in class, I need to buckle down and get it done! I love chilling with the new friends, but all we talk about is our drugs trips and anything on the guid lines of drugs. And as of midnight tonight I will no longer think obut , or do any drugs. I have a little less than a year to complete high school, and get gone for the US Marine. If this is my goal let me grab it, If its not let me know before departure-something a friend said. Well This is my dream, so I know its my goal. I have to archive it!

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